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Some of them we are doing for a season and others are a pretty permanent part of our lives but together they are allowing us to live on less so that we can put more toward our mortgage.
Some favorite ways to lower your grocery budget: cook from scratch, menu plan, and using meat as a condiment. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things, but you might want to consider scaling back. If you minimize your gift spending try using the next tip and you might be able to cover a good portion of your gifts without spending anything out of pocket!
If you work at using Swagbucks (and have a smart phone) you could earn over $300 in a year. Milk for drinking and juice are super rare purchases in our house and it really helps save money.
Our vacations consists of trips to see family and a season tickets to a theme park 5 hours away. We aren’t saving a ton on money because as vacation go, it really is quite affordable but the ticket purchase and gas costs for driving there several times save us hundreds of dollars. We are still looking forward to a few trips to visit family though and having fun locally and frugally!
A perk of this, when you have some money to spend on clothes again and go through  your closet you’ll know exactly what to get rid of. If eating out is something you love, put gift cards on your birthday and Christmas list (and use coupons when you go out to make them go even further). Cell phones are straight up expensive but there are a few things we’ve found to do to save money. I’ve been cutting my juice with water for years now, and it’s amazing what a difference it makes! ANYWAY – thank you SO much for including my bread recipe, we love that recipe and we make 2 loaves every week or so. I have been saving all those little plastic containers you get butter, sour cream and such in. According to my midwife, your body digests the nutrients in nice better when it’s diluted a little. How often do we keep on finding one more present for our child or want to give them the newest and best gadget. This post has some of my favorite easy ways to earn Swagbucks on your computer and I’ll have another one coming on how easy it is to earn on your smart phone! This year, since we knew we were going to be pinching pennies, we decided to forgo the season tickets. I’m already a big fan of buying used clothes and shopping clearance racks but sometimes you just need to take a break from even that. You have the cost of a meal and then add the tip in and you could cook a lot of meals at home with what you just spent going out. Otherwise, think about your big financial goal or view it as something you are giving up until your finances increase. We do most of them, but this year, I think we’re pretty determined to take a vacation.
I’m always very intrigued by the cable cutting thing but the hubby is NOT for it at all.

We are blessed with many nearby destinations here in the Pacific Northwest and take advantage of most! You might find me sitting at our kitchen table or curled up on the couch with a mug of hot tea as I share my journey to balance a limited budget, (mostly) real food, (attempting) to use natural products, motherhood, and lack of time and sleep (special thanks to the baby) all the while trying to follow what the Lord wants for my life. I may be adding more to this list or creating an entirely new post to highlight more ideas as they come to me. Not only am I not throwing them in the landfill but instead of buying freezer bags I use these containers when I am chopping and prepping my vegies for the freezer. Over the next year, these tips are especially important  for us as our extra money that sometimes went toward grocery splurges is now all going to the house. Shaun and I aren’t giving each other birthday or Christmas presents and we keep things simple with the kids. If you follow tip number two and cut your birthday and Christmas spending down, the gift cards you earn will cover a good chunk. Even at a fast food or fast casual restaurant things add up when you are buying for a family. An extra $15 to $30 a month might not seem like a lot, but all those things add up so I keep my basic talk only phone.
You can pay someone or once again you can go to the local store and get recommendations for your area and do the spraying yourself. It wasn’t until we both got on the same page that our budget actually went somewhere at worked!
So my hair probably gets cut around once a year, Shaun keeps his short but we have awesome friends that do it. Fortunately for us, we have a few work related trips coming up, so it’s going to be more of a workation, and will mostly pay for itself. Take a few minutes to wash, dry and chop your veggies, then transfer them into freezer-safe bags and toss in the freezer.
It doesn’t matter whether you reverse meal plan, rigidly meal plan or just create a meal plan for two dinners out of the entire week. I never really took the extra time when I was a young mom but I’m telling you what doing this one simple step allows me to throw a meal together in no time flat.
By 2020 all states are required to deregulate their electricity, some states are also deregulation their gas.
Plus it makes all your the people in your neighborhood upset if you don’t take care of your yard. Next time you pick up an extra container of juice at the store, dump half of it into the saved bottle so both containers have an equal amount of juice.
Here’s the homemade bread recipe I use which is delicious and requires only basic ingredients. If I want a omlet all I have to do is pull a container out of the freezer, scramble some eggs and there ya go. Thought that was a bachelor or reunion type thing:) Who knew:) I love the blog, lots of great tips! In summer we turn the AC way up or off at night and now have an economic window unit in our bedroom. Utilize your library, free Hulu, and free streaming on network sites so you can keep up with a couple of your favorite shows.

Maybe after we get our house paid off or our income increases I’ll reconsider, but right now it works. Instead of paying a lawn care company to come take care of it, he went to the local lawn and garden store and got their recommendation on what to use and when. We do actually pull up some of the remaining weeds from the yard- his chemicals don’t get it all ha ha. If you want to get super fancy about it, you can put them into small freezer baggies to portion them out for each meal.
It takes a couple hours a few times a year but it saves a lot of money and we can put the money saved toward something else. Oklahoma has tons of black widows and fiddleback spiders – non venomous ones I could probably suck it up and deal with the creepy crawlies a little bit better. For the cost of one gallon of sweet tea in the stores, you can purchase a box of tea bags and a bag of sugar and make tons more tea. I also take an afternoon when I buy my meat in bulk to cook a lot of it up different ways and portion it out in these containers as well. I browse the book aisles take pictures of the covers of the ones I want to read and get them from the library. So, play it on the safe side and a cup of water at a time until the flavor starts to fade ever-so-slightly. Tacos , chili and spaghetti are on the table in no time flat if you cook the meat , let it cool and put it in these containers bound for the freezer. I take pictures of business cards like my Hair Stylist (I have a fantastic one and I get asked all the time), avon reps, and any others.
With a little searching, you’re bound to find a meal planning method that works for you. And the time that it does require is largely made up of kneading dough – which is a frugal stress reliever. I took pictures of my grocery stores aisle toppers so I could go home and set up my shopping list by aisle. Magazines I never buy magazines I just take pictures of the articles titles I’m interested in and google it! Or the salt substitute called No Salt that normally runs about 4 or 5 bucks a small canister.
Example I preordered 36 packs of the Butterball Turkey bacon that was on sale for .99 cents each , then turned around and brought my coupons in when I picked it all up. We do not have room on our phone for all the apps we have thanks to using this method and a little patience.
Great way to snag new stuff.Also GasBuddy is awesome especially when you are traveling it uses wifi to tell you what prices the stations in your area have their gas at and It includes directions to get there.
I have always couponed but after I became disabled last year and couldn’t work saving as much money as possible where ever possible really helps to make the limited income we have stretch till every penny of it screams for mercy, lol.

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