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Be straight forward with every employee about what is expected of them before blaming the employee for poor performance. Get to know every employee’s strength and their goals for their career and within the company.
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At Strategic Incentives we know that employee motivation takes a lot more than a little luck.
Our promotional ideas can be used to create a culture of recognition within your organization, and set the foundation for your employees to thrive.
Increase Employee Engagement: With a more distracted workforce, generational clashes, and ongoing economic pressures, Human Resources departments often find themselves scratching their heads to find ways to keep employees on point and increase engagement.
Improve Organizational Performance: To survive, compete and grow, today’s corporations must constantly look for ways to improve organizational performance. Uphold Safety Standards: Sometimes safety concerns can get lost in the rush to improve performance. Pump Up Sales: In sales-driven organizations, it can be hard to keep up the necessary enthusiasm for making calls and getting sales. About Strategic Incentives: Located in Santa Barbara CA, Strategic Incentives is a leading provider of full-service incentive marketing and performance improvement solutions. Leaders across all industries constantly are looking for ways to motivate employees and increase productivity, while simultaneously maintaining or even improving workplace safety. While there undoubtedly are many paths forward, I believe that when it comes to both getting the best out of employees and fostering a deep commitment to a mutually safe workplace, it centers on one element: respect.
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then perhaps these infographics will be worth even more: sparing employees from work-induced hearing loss. The Irish Times has published an annual directory of the Top 1000 companies in Ireland over the past 10 years. These suggestions are great for old and new managers alike, providing proven guidance that will make you more of an asset to your company. They sometimes try using performance reviews and sales quotas, or threatening disciplinary action for negative behavior, but their efforts often seem to come up short. It takes a comprehensive performance improvement plan that sets out a clear course of action and rewards employees appropriately for their participation in meeting the set goals.
Employee incentives can be used to help frame behaviors and reward those employees for performing in the most effective manner.

Setting and upholding safety standards insures the safety of the team and minimizes time lost to injury. The company provides safety incentives, sales incentives, employee motivation programs, promotional ideas and workforce solutions. Fortunately, the two goals are not at odds with each other and, in fact, can be synergistic. The database can be found online and provides details on all the companies and can be searched by industry, company and key employees. Other companies hope their ability to find workforce solutions will be influenced by a lucky hire.
Raises, bonuses, and promotions can go a long way towards keeping employees involved and engaged, but rewards programs provide the extra push to encourage over-the-top loyalty and effectiveness. Their buy-in can give a company the ability to successfully implement strategic initiatives that lead to increased sales or improved performance. Our safety incentives can be used to help remind employees of the need to maintain a safe workplace environment, and keep them focused on precautions they need to take to insure their own safety as well as that of their co-workers. An employee recognition program can be used to set expectations, provide feedback, manage course corrections, and recognize outstanding performance. One of the most important benefits created by respectful leaders is a solid foundation of trust.
Trust leads to the perception of safety, and the feeling of safety helps free organizational potential.
Even though we can't control external factors such as the economy, changing technology or competition, trust that our leaders act with intelligence, integrity and in the best interest of their broad-ranging stakeholders fosters a stability that survives most external pressures. Even the best jobs in the world have drawbacks, but you have the power to change this notion.
Leaders who come across as domineering, threatening or intimidating actually diminish employee productivity by triggering the release of cortisol and adrenaline into employees' brains. This toxic cocktail of hormones and neurotransmitters shuts down the prefrontal cortex region of the brain (the part that actually performs work) and literally inhibits their ability to do their best work. Ask yourself these questions every time you see an employee walk into work.If you only view employees as people who work for you, you’re missing out.
Everyone has dreams, and your employees are going to eventually quit if you toss their dreams aside. In addition to enhancing focus, collaboration and resilience, the presence of these compounds correlate with higher levels of employee engagement.
Look at the major retailers, restaurant chains, and department stores who have some sort of loyalty or rewards program. If you apply this idea to your business, you can encourage employee involvement and satisfaction as well.Create an incentive program to reward to your employees.

Take Interest in Your EmployeesA perfect business-world would have fully autonomous robots in place of workers, and your business would always thrive. Yet, modern business, albeit paired with technology, does not rely solely on robots, but human interactions. Take interest in your employees’ personal and professional lives, and your employees will reward the favor by working harder, smarter, and with greater resolve.4.
If your fear of failure takes control, you will try to control every task, responsibility, and activity. Unfortunately, this only leads to aggression, hostility, and dissatisfaction among employees.Although your livelihood hinges on the success of your business, your employees need to know you trust and value their work.
In other words, give your employees a sense of power, responsibility, and ownership within your company.
Five or 10 years in the future, the people we interact with today aren't going to remember the exact things we said and did. Whether it was during a staff meeting, at a sales conference or on the golf course, the memories will fade.
Communicate OpenlyCommunication remains one of the primary pain points for small business owners.
Having fewer employees than your larger competitors does not eliminate the need for communication. If we felt awkward, intimidated or inferior around them, we re-create their demeanor and behavior accordingly. Your employees are there to help your small business succeed, and your employees can never have too much motivation. Credit goes to the brain's limbic system for this unique methodology of remembering people and events. By following these points, you can start increasing employee engagement today.Want more advice for winning at work from 20 top influencers? Having long since forgotten the details, most people simply will remember how they felt around us and then make up the rest of the story to match.
More importantly, what are you willing to do to start responsibly building that legacy today?

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