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Keeping yourself awake after a bad night of sleep or after a long day at work can be tough. Three simple acupressure techniques can give you a wakeful boost and they’re not hard to do. The article contained no evidence, so it was dismissed by the comment: "dismissed without evidence". I think I remember reading somethign about experiments several militaries around the world conducted to determine the effectiveness of different simple exercises that could keep soldiers and techs awake for longer. You might dress well, have a cool job and be blessed with beauty, but flirting is where the real magic of attraction is, especially when it comes to first impressions.

Instead of resorting to excessive amounts of caffeine, illustrator and blogger Yumi Sakugawa has put together an infographic that shows a bunch of clever ways to keep yourself awake, including a few handy acupressure techniques. They include pulling down on your earlobes, rubbing the back of your hand between your thumb and index finger, and pressing against the back of your knee. The author should note that this kind of advice can be dangerous, as drivers have died thinking loud music, winding windows down, pressure points, etc would be enough to keep them on the road. In fact, good flirting is often more effective than good looks, and it's something anybody can learn how to do. EA could have published Rocket League, insurance claims from the recent east coast storm have tripled and how El Nino has caused food supply havoc.

The infographic also covers general tips like getting a little exercice, eating the right foods and sniffing peppermint oil.

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