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2.Social networking sites: Are you a Facebook freak and you love to spend your most of your free time on it? I hope these simple tips help you get a better hold of your finances, while leaving you with ample time to pursue other interests. Acknowledging that the finanacial landscape like it is now, Ifailed miserbly to finda lucrativeemployment that could substantiate the added gas cost. Two years back I had a baby girl and realized that managing full time office work and raising a child is not as easy as many people made it seem like. Filling surveys online is getting more popular every day as a medium of making money by sitting at home. So, I resulted to searching the forums to discover what I could do to bring in that extra little income. I couldn’t really find a good daycare and couldn’t wait to rush home every day from work to spend time with my daughter. So I thought I’d discuss these ideas with all you new moms, teenagers looking for a part time job and students looking for more ways to pay the bills.

You can work as a freelance photographer, freelance journalist, freelance content writer, freelance translator and much more.
For this, you just need to visit some good survey companies like Survey Mastermind or a few others that you can easily find on Google search. Forex has shown to be too much of a financial burden to get excited about and I couldn’t see myself getting clear of the learning complications. Soon, I realized that I couldn’t do justice to both roles – that of a sales representative and a mother, and decided to quit my job.
Some companies offer a monthly package salary while others will pay you according to the number of jobs you do per month.
As you create a niche for your work, you can also start demanding the kind of pay that suits you, after a few years. Some of those applications are My Merch Store, Cafe Press, Ether, Music Blaster, Shop it, Flame Tunes, Tradebit etc.
Then you will keep on receiving lots of surveys which you will need to be filled out in a specific time period to earn money.

With the help of these applications you can sell your music, gadgets, products, land and much more. However, remember to create a special email ID just for your work so that you can easily be notified when you get a new assignment. Come by and leave your advice and sprinkle a little expertise of the industry, if you want to.
The faster you respond to these surveys, the more money you will have in your bank account.

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