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So Right Now Im On some roleplaying sh*t, and surprisingly if found out that a lot of things in this game is synchronized to happen at a certain time. While roleplaying I had franklin repin DNF (gray and white long sleeve and green feud hat) In The South of davis, I just really notice where the division in turf is there between ballas and families.

I was handing out in a balla turf and I saw one just sitting there, it was tree cars up at the light with other ballas in em so I waited until they left they then ran up on him stabbing him and franking said something about "CGF Nigga" [Sycronized] - and i didn't get any stars nor attract attention.. Got back to forum and the families was talking about how they about to roll on them ballas etc.
Whut happen with me is like if i approach say the barbers from grove, or anywhere in ballas hood.. But about the syncronized thing, i dont see what you tryna say, could you explain bit simpeler please? First I thought that families and ballas was seen together just rarely but as we can see in this thread this is a serious problem its just destroying the atmosphere and rockstar should patch that IMO.

I think the Families and Ballas were meant to spawn together sometimes before the mission "The Long Stretch" which starts up their feud again. Rockstar also made reference to drive bys at 0:55 (any one else heard the machine gun? If someone at rockstar is seeing this, this is how the hood need to be fixed (or somewhat) in terms of turfs.

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