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Whata€™s the first thing you notice about a guy?Me, I notice a guya€™s smilea€¦ which makes me think that ita€™s pretty likely that might be what guys are seeing when THEY look at ME!So I always make sure my teeth are clean and that my smile is bright and healthy.Ia€™m always pestering my dentist for new ways to keep my mouth healthy, and here are his tipsa€¦1.
She is your best friend and confidant as she jumps onto you the minute you walk through the door. Summertime is the perfect time to strengthen the bond between you and your dog as you chase outlaws in the wild west or catch some waves on the sandy beach. In order to keep your dog healthy, it's important to stay up-to-date on shots and medication. Most dog breeds shed, albeit some a bit more than others. Regular grooming not only helps your sidekick look their best but also provides you the opportunity to check for any abnormalities—rashes, dry skin, and more.

Did you know that Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc., is one of America’s most trusted brands and manufacturers of pet supplies? Creating a hierarchy where you are the leader is the optimum environment for your pup in order to avoid bad behavior. Dogs love receiving a treat when mastering a new trick or simply a celebration of his birthday. As we all know, dogs can't talk so taking them to the vet on a regular basis will ensure that your dog maintain a healthy and happy life.
Plus, who doesn't love having the hair brushed? Regular grooming also allows you to check for ticks, fleas, and other unsavory visitors that can pester your pup.

Don't let these pests ruin your dog's summer plans, which is why we start the summer of with using PetArmor's Plus IGR for dogs.

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