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Cat Rescue Shelters are struggling more than ever for money right now, but so are many people too. If, like us, you are on a tight budget and find it hard to donate much in money, there are still ways to help the needy cats in your local shelter.
Apart from buying a few extra tins of cat food for them every time you shop for your own cats needs, you could save your old bedding, such as sheets, blankets, duvets, etc and towels too as these make cosy beds for cats in care. They don’t mind if they are quite worn, so don’t throw them out when you buy new, wash and fold them and they will be much appreciated at the Shelter. We share out anything and everything we don’t want or need to our local Cats Protection and Kays Hill cattery, what they can’t use for the cats they can sell to raise funds. So, bric a brac, toiletries, books, CDs, toys, crockery, you name it, the fund raisers will be able to sell it and every bit of cash will add up to buy food, pay vets bills etc.
What makes this acceptable to people who don’t particularly care about cats is that she collects for needy people too, so no one can complain we only care about animals.
Over the last few years 4,000 pairs of peoples donated old spectacles have winged their way to the Third World.
Her ‘Knickers for Africa’ collection was so successful that underwear was piled high and a real headache to get so much sent off. It’s all about helping those who need it and most definitely cats need help right now from people who care about them, so it’s good there are more ways than giving money to do this.
This entry was posted in Animal Rescue, cat charities, Cat shelters and tagged cat rescue, cat shelters, ruth aka kattaddorra by Michael Broad. Our shelter in Greenville can even take used towels if the strings are cut so the cats don’t become entangled. When we were there over the weekend, I left business cards they can hand out to people who come in looking for pets. Also about a year ago, I decided it was time to go through my tiny home and dispose of anything I hadn’t used in months.
Some people don’t realise that their old stuff and unwanted gifts could help charities, we often have people bring us stuff to our house as well as Babz office. Great poster Ruth and some good ideas and if everyone supported their own local cat charities this way it would be very helpful to them. If you could outline it for me, it would be a great help to me, before I write a comment to the editor. That’s a good point Ruth makes about the old ladies knitting squares and small blankets. Barbara I so admire all you do for charities and yes sometimes old people feel quite useless so having a purpose in life like knitting blanket squares to help animals is a very good thing. Thank you Rose, I think we all just do what we can, I’m lucky that my manager at work is all for helping animal charities and lets me do the collections.
Quite a few people here ask for money donations in lieu of flowers to go to our animal charities, I only want one wreath, cat shaped of course and donations to go to cats although I don’t intend to fall off my twig for many years yet lol there will always be unwanted cats needing food and care.

I think it’s sad flowers die within days, where as donations given instead can help needy cats. Seriously, it is a fantastic, intelligent and very practical idea and this picture is great.
Check out my disc brake adapters to install 1994-2004 Mustang disc brakes on your Studebaker!! Does your 1 wire charge at idle after you first start it up, or do you have to rev it up to 1500 rpm or so to excite the field? Some people I know just put a 194 bulb under the dash and color it black with a Magic-Marker so the draw will excite the field.
I got an email today asking me where I got the bracket to install the GM alternator on my R1 Avanti. Some may not like all that electricity going to the ammeter then back to the battery, but if you use some heavy wire, you should be OK. I'm not sure of anything at this point.[], but the guy at NAPA told me it was and my friend Tom Covington also told me it was. The BAT terminal always (in my experience) goes to the starter solenoid junction, to provide power to charge the battery and run the power buss.
The T2 is the exciter wire and can either go to only the BAT terminal (short length), which is defined as the one wire setup OR it can be attached to somewhere under the dash to better sense the voltage draw on the circuits.
If T2 is attached under the dash, it will almost always charge from startup and at idle and supply the correct voltage for the draw on the buss.
One thing to consider, since most Delco alternators have a higher output, is to increase the gauge of the wire from the solenoid junction to the buss connection and to make an additional fused circuit to handle any additional power goodies you may add. Bob's solution sounds great if you really don't need the somewhat limited advantages of a one wire. Here is a website that explains the difference between a 1-wire and a 3-wire GM alternator.
I believe far too many people are mystified by electrical systems because no one has ever explained to them in layman terms how things work. Dad is having a few problems with his bottom, and needs to get to the toilet at the bottom of the garden quick!! My sister Barbara works in funeralcare and her bosses are very happy for her to have a poster in her window asking for donations of food and bedding to be left there for our local Rescue Shelters. We toddle off to Specsavers with 100 at a time and they send them off to give better sight to people who couldn’t afford to buy any. This was for women and girls there too poor to afford any underwear and who were being raped because they had none.
I can write lost articles and get the word and pictures out there that a persons pet is lost.
I currently have 2 litters (8 kittens total) that are beginning their journey through the vet clinic prior to adoption.

I donated the reusable goods to the local shelter from which most of my foster kittens come from. I particularly like going through what we have but don’t use and reusing it for a good purpose or selling it if it has a monetary value. Sometimes when they get older people don’t feel up to keeping cats or dogs any longer but still care about them and want to help in some way, sitting on an evening knitting is a good way for them to not only fill time and keep their hands busy and supple but also to feel that they are doing something constructive to help animals. Right in the middle between Martyn and Tommy we can just see the late Barbara McCusker, a great animal lover and supporter of Kays Hill, she even requested that there be a collection for KH at her funeral. I questioned the guy at NAPA about the wires also since they call this a one wire alternator. Our Cats Protection have quite a few charity shops around, unfortunately none are near to us, which is a pity as some good stuff can be bought in them Giving goods to those shops or spending money in them helps needy cats too.
People here are very generous and all that is given is much appreciated by CP and Kays Hill.
I’ve probably done 10 articles in the last 2 months about the puppy mill seizures and adoption events they hold. I live in a very small trailer, so I don’t usually have more than 1 litter at a time. There is a lot of stuff in bedrooms across the country that is never used and it is worth billions I guess. A family brought a huge amount of bedding into me at work one day last week, there were about 9 black sacks of duvets, sheets, blankets, pillow cases, towels, tea towels and the lady said her mother was going into an old folks home and they were breaking up her home of many years and because she loves animals she had said that she felt better knowing that her unwanted stuff would help animals in shelters awaiting homes of their own. I haven't wired it yet, but I was told that the one wire goes to the amp gauge and then to the positive post of the battery. He said that it is a one wire for the car, but that other wire with the plug has to be connected to the terminal. Tom also told me that I needed that wire from the plug connected, but I still can't remember why.
Writing for Examiner gives me a way to get these events and shelter needs out there to the public. I was planing on putting it on the starter Solenoid where the positive battery cable is attached. I can't remember the reason because I am electrically challenged I took that plug from an old GM alternator that came off of an 85 Buick Regal.

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