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Intros went well then the doorbell rang, Seth showed up and he and Pearl hit it off right away, poor Shane. Edit to add: Haven't forgotten about the NIF Challenge - just kinda got caught up in this one.
Since Morida (as in O'Connell) moved in as soon as there was a place for her to sleep, I thought I should introduce her. My Morida is, well, mine, as in edited and made over, and not who you'll find living with her parents in just any Dragon Valley. Invested in expensive kitchen cabinets, nicer bathroom fixtures, and I guess mostly outdoor stuff - including ivy that costs as much as the wisteria.

You guys really get me bummed that I had no idea how to take screenshots when I was writing up and testing this challenge, I had some awesome stuff, now I'm too into Pearl (Shane's next door neighbor) and her story to get Shane working on biggering his house. I'd have to have them sleep in shifts as you can only have a single bed in a 4x4 (I tried a double, it was a routing nightmare!). Just posted them today if you have any questions just ask, and please post pictures we love pictures! I havn't really even started with Shane making any money twards his first expansion so I could move Jade in and go for the $20,000 for the first expansion. I thought I had an over-run of female Sims until I started counting everyone and realized I was short on the women instead.

Now I just need to get all these Sims moved into Bellatrix and I'll be ready to go--I think. I will be playing both houses (Pearl and Shane) because I want their stories to overlap at some point though not sure exactly how, they will be friends at any rate.

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