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You get what you think about, whether wanted or unwanted (this is because it is a neutral law).
Everything in our life is drawn to us through our thoughts and feelings.A  You can change your world by changing your thoughts and feeelings. What you focus on is what you create, so what are you focusing on today?A  Put your energy into what you love, desire and are grateful for.A  Then the Universe will be able to bring you the things that make your heart sing. Whatever you dwell upon grows in your reality.A  The Law of Concentration and the Law of Correspondance in combination, explains much of our success and most of our failures. This law is the Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) of life, making them the basis of creation.A  As a spiritual beign you must balance the masculine and feminine energies with yourself to become a true co creator with God. This law explains that everything in the world is connected to everything else.A  Anything we believe, think, do or say affects the world and the universe around us. In the Absolute Realm (the Great Beyond) this phenomenon operates as The Great Law with its principal aspects - its Nature is united and simultaneously operating in perfect Harmony as one. The Law Of PolarityIn the Relative Realm everything seems to have two poles, a negative pole and a positive pole; this is a mental and physical illusion and these illusions are held in place by the Law of Rhythm and Magnetic and Mental Vibrations. It was a step I’ll never regret because it led to more steps out of my comfort zone and I continue to take steps into that” uncomfortable” realm daily. A few months later, I became a coaching client with Bedros and found that I was making more in my fitness boot camps in one month than I was making in six months of teaching. I continued to go and be inspired at Bedros’ live events, specifically the Fitness Business Summits.
Finally, I joined his mastermind group and now I’ve entered the world of internet marketing.
This entry was posted in Fitness Marketing Strategies and tagged 7 universal laws of success, 9 universal laws, Ten great law of succese, ten universal laws, universal laws of success. It was great hanging with you last weekend in Las Vegas and your presentation was great on Sunday, Thank you.
Great post… I am going through the same thing right now which is wanting to switch jobs and go into fitness full time. The Laws of the Universe, Universal Law, Natural Law it comes in comes with many names and disguises but throughout the millenniums of human history the truth of these laws has came shining through. There have been many times when its light has shone weakly, hidden by layers of human intrigue and the lust for power. But as with all things the tides have turned and it’s time for its eternal flame to shine brightly once more. We as humans have reached a point in our spiritual evolution where we must expand, grow, we must we have nowhere else to go..
By recognising, understanding, and incorporating them into your daily lives at all levels you will greatly increase the effectiveness of every aspect of your life a hundredfold. Again as with any inspiration received from a higher spiritual power through a human contact, the knowledge and wisdom received will always be colored by human contact. If you examine all the different variations and interpretations of Universal Law that have been passed down to us throughout history closely you will see at their core they are the same.
The Physical and Spiritual worlds and everything in them- every thought, every emotion, every atom has its own unique vibration. If it is a positive thought- joy, excitement, happiness, contentment, admiration, love, compassion.. All you have to do to pass the test is have more positive thoughts than negative- 51% will do to start. This law ensures that we are rewarded for any past acts of kindness or love, that at the time we may not have received.
Many of you will have heard of the Law of Attraction, made famous in books such as “The Secret”. But there are also fundamental differences Ho’oponopono’s focus on 100% personal responsibility for our actions, and circumstances, and its emphasis on surrender to The Divine’s will to decide what is best, is significantly different than Law of Attraction’s, with its intense focus on specific visualization.

Using visualization, lists, and other tools, they focus entirely on the outcome of the petition.
Personally I have found that my awareness and understanding of these laws has greatly increased the power of my own spiritual practices such as Ho’oponopono. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy: This little known law is at the very core of Ho’oponopono. If you are on the right path, if you face each day with love and compassion then The Divine will give you all the help and assistance you need. This is why you can feel such strong empathy, even grief, for someone who has lost a child. The Law of Polarity: This law states that everything that exists has an opposite- Love and hate, dark and light, success and failure, happiness and sadness, one cannot exist without the other. As all things in The Universe are One (the same), then nothing can be different-hot is the same as cold, pain the same as pleasure, just at different ends of the spectrum.
These rhythms form the cycles and patterns we see in our lives; the rise and fall of our nations and economies, “The Circle of Life” as they call it in the movie “The Lion King”.
By remembering that the pendulum always swings back, we can view the events in our lives in a more balanced way. The Second governs creation in the physical world and states that everything has a gestation period, even thoughts. When we shift from our old reality to the new one it is done gradually, in small, incremental, dimensional shifts.
Having a spiritual awakening is synonymous with realizing that there is more to life than you  have been taught to believe. I was actually a grade school teacher that wanted to take the leap into fitness full time, but I was fond of having food to eat and a roof over my head. I guess you’ve heard of him since you’re on his blog.  I wanted to give a shout out to him and tell you that if you’re on the fence about any of his products or systems, it’s time to take the leap.
I started my own boot camp two months later and took a leave of absence from my 20 year teaching career. I made contacts from all over the world there that are amazing friends and colleagues in the fitness community. Very cool hearing where you came from, where you are now and envisioning how much further you will go…. It is only by recognising and understanding these Laws that can we begin to make sense of your Physical existence and of course the next step is to begin applying them to our lives. The Laws have always existed and just as we know Physical Laws of the Universe (such as Newton’s Law of Gravity) operate whether we believe in them or not, so do the Spiritual Laws. They are just different interpretations of The Law seen through the unique prism of their recipient. You can’t just sit at home and pray for things to change, or wait for the right conditions before you act.
This law underpins the belief that in order to change the world around us we must first change ourselves.
If it is a negative thought- judgment, anger, frustration, anger, anxiety, fear etc then discard it as quickly as you recognize it. The Universe is both self organizing and self correcting, and no good deed is left unrewarded. Whatever you focus your thoughts and energy on that is what you will attract, either good or bad. The process has millions of practitioners throughout the world, and there are many similarities between the Law of Attraction technique and the Ho’oponopono process.
The Universe sends us what we think and feel and Law of Attraction practitioners use this to facilitate their results. Though we choose to live in an age of tremendous medical advancements, some things are still impossible.

I know that most of you are likely kick ass trainers, but you still may have an empty bank account and work around the clock.
I was suffocating and bored to death in my job and needed a viable way to make a living doing what I was most passionate about. Why would I want to start from scratch when I can learn from someone who’s been there done that. My passion and product is called “Female Fat Loss Over 40” and with the help of Bedros and the group, I’ve been able to help more people than I could ever have dreamt possible on my own. Whether this is in business or life in general, giving and helping more people really comes back to enhance your life. I know that everything wants to eat my time up and if I’m going to be a success, I’m my own time keeper and I need to be diligent to protect this precious commodity. Each inspired soul having recognized the laws and the power they contain will have interpreted them differently and according to the times and beliefs of the time they live in. The idea that the world we live in is a manifestation of our internal thoughts and feelings is a fundamental belief in many spiritual practices. Tied in with the Law of Oneness this law again enforces why we must take full responsibility for the effects we see in our lives, because we at some point caused them. Many of the core beliefs such as reincarnation, Divine Intelligence and the ability to co-create are the same.
The Universe always allows us the opportunity to grow and evolve and is constantly giving us opportunities to do so. How could we empathize with someone who has lost a child if we had never known loss ourselves? If you are living in a shack, destitute, with no education or prospects, you won’t suddenly find yourself in a high powered career, living in a penthouse.
Things will improve and keep improving, until one day you just might find yourself in that penthouse.
Keep watch on the things that take up your time that aren’t really that important in the big scheme. When I set a deadline and tell Bedros about it, I know I’m accountable and need to move.
Help as many pros and peeps out as you can and the law of reciprocity will work in your favour. When focusing on a future outcome or ideal it is very easy to start generating counter-productive negative emotions such as impatience, frustration and anxiety. You can waste a crap load of time on emails or face book or other things that don’t get you anywhere in your business. Often times, cutting that time line in half is totally doable and I surprise myself on what I can actually get done when I want to.
Sending these types of emotions out into the Universe can only exasperate the initial problem. It’s better to move ahead with 70% done than wait for 100% satisfaction and get nothing off the ground. When you keep your long term goals in mind, remember that you’re not getting up to train a client or do a program or whatever.
Finding and doing only your 5% takes a lot of time to figure, but then you can focus on working ON your business and not IN your business.

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