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I welcome the fact all the organisations advocating a Remain vote, including the Labour Party, succeeded in pressing the government to extend the voter registration deadline and allow people to get their vote. I am putting my name forward for selection as Labour’s candidate to become the Metro Mayor for Liverpool City Region. I will remain the MP for Liverpool Wavertree and Shadow Cabinet Minister for Mental Health while the selection takes place over the summer.
I was delighted to welcome House of Commons Speaker the Rt Hon John Bercow, MP to Liverpool Wavertree today on a visit to three schools across the constituency. For a century, the labour movement has worked with the co-operative movement – via our sister party, the Co-operative Party – to build a society where power and wealth are shared.
An innovative scheme that will see cooking oil recycled and then used for energy has been introduced across Merseyside. Collection tanks have been fitted at the region’s 14 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) where local residents can bring their used and leftover cooking oil, rather than pouring it down the sink.
During this week Liverpool Chamber Training has hosted and supported a number of events including the launch of Liverpool Futures CIC Apprenticeship Training Agency, an Open Day and launch of the Apprenticeship Extra Card. With youth unemployment at over a million it is vital that businesses and organisations are given every opportunity to invest in our young people. I was delighted to speak at a special event hosted by the Chamber of Commerce to promote Liverpool Futures – a scheme launched earlier this week to encourage and support local businesses to take on an apprentice. Council Leader Joe Anderson, his Labour Cabinet and everyone who has worked so hard to put this multi-million pound scheme together must be congratulated.
Today we heard from apprentices, who talked passionately about how being an apprentice had changed their lives. In a couple of months’ time I will be taking on an apprentice in my office and I urge as many organisations as possible to do the same. So it’s vital that we have strong Health and Safety laws to protect workers and to punish negligent employers who ignore these protections. It’s wrong that employers who have clearly broken the law can walk away without being properly punished. I hope the Government will take notice of my bill and adopt this modest but vital measure, so that no company can avoid justice.
The charity does a lot to encourage healthy lifestyles including promoting physical activity and healthy cooking. Fuel poverty and the cost of electricity and gas is also a major cause for concern for the charity.
Last week I was out campaigning along with fellow Labour MPs Stephen Twigg and Steve Rotheram, against sky high loan interest rates.
With the rising cost of living many households are now forced to take out loans just to cover their basic household expenses.
Unfortunately all too often charges can mount up when the borrower is unable to repay the loan at the end of the month, or needs to borrow the same amount again. Citizens Advice says it has seen a fourfold increase in the number of people with payday loans coming to its bureau for help with debts. I want the Government to understand that action is needed now to address the high cost of lending and to protect those who can least afford these charges from exploitation by lenders.

As a member of Lodge Lane credit union I want to see more affordable means of finance made available.
If you want impartial advice on debt from Citizen Advice their money management section can be found here. A two-earner family each earning ?40,000 – a total of ?80,000 – would keep their entire child benefit. The Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) is the largest gathering of start-up champions from around the world.
It will provide a festival for business where people, passion and potential will be celebrated, inspired and accelerated. Hosted by Liverpool Vision, Global Entrepreneurship Week and The Kauffman Foundation, the Congress will be a powerhouse of business brilliance that inspires people, excites potential and celebrates passion with the aim of “unleashing the will to win”.
The following schools in the constituency: Dovedale Junior, King David Primary, Broadgreen International, King David High School and The Liverpool Blue Coat all made it through to the last 22.
Following their Dragon’s Den pitch, they will now be assigned business mentors and given further investment to develop a business plan to pitch to investors in March at the Congress itself.
This month saw the launch of the second annual Parliamentary live music competition, ‘Rock the House’. Every MP is invited to nominate solo-artists, bands, under-18s acts and small live music venues from their constituency. Last week I met with licensees and retailers from Childwall, Allerton Road, Rose Lane and Penny Lane. Every vote counts and it especially important for young people to check that they are registered by Tuesday June 7.
The Speaker is the chief officer and highest authority of the House of Commons and during debates keeps order and calls MPs to speak. Living Fuels will collect the waste oil and refine it through a totally natural process to produce a patented bioliquid.This in turn will power specially-designed engines to supply safe, clean, renewable electricity to the National Grid. The City Council, Liverpool Chamber Training, the Eldonian Group and Liverpool Community College will help to create more than 1,300 new apprentices in the next three years across Merseyside. My bill would give the HSE the power to freeze part or all of a company’s assets when they are being investigated following a suspected breach of regulations resulting in a death or serious injury. It was fantastic to see for myself the huge range of support and services the charity offers to older people. They showed me the care packages on offer and we discussed their concerns about government cuts to social care budgets including cuts to moderate care. With more and more people struggling to meet the cost of higher bills, it’s hardly surprising then that many households now have to rely on payday loans just to get by each month. One company charges an APR of 3,113% while Wonga, the highest profile payday lender in the UK, charges 4,214%.
Recent figures from Shelter show that around one million people have taken out ‘pay day’ loans in the last year to help pay their rent or mortgage and that seven million people rely on credit in order to pay their housing costs.
This will cap the interest rate that payday loan companies can charge and put an end to their predatory business practices, which exploit the most vulnerable.

Loans from some credit unions will cost no more than 1% a month, compared with 1% a day from payday loans. The government’s botched child benefit plan, as well as cuts to tax credits and childcare support for parents on low and middle incomes, is hitting families with children much harder than the banks.
We need an urgent rethink on these and the Government’s wider plans to hit families with children hardest of all. Coming to Britain for the first time in March, I am delighted the GEC 2012 will be taking place right here in Liverpool. The Congress will celebrate enterprise and inspire those with the ‘can-do’ spirit to turn their dreams into an ambitious reality.
Some of the Britain’s best business minds, including: Sir Richard Branson, Sir Terry Leahy and Martha Lane Fox will be attending.
The competition is part of the build up to the GEC and will see the finalists win a trip to Washington DC. This is a great opportunity for our young people and I wish all the participants every success. This year the prizes are much bigger and the competition even counts rock legends Alice Cooper, Ian Gillan and Matt Tuck as its Patrons with many more exciting artists to be announced. A panel of international music industryexperts and musicians will determine the finalists who will compete in a live Battle of the Bands on Wednesday 30th May. The group work together to ensure the area is a safe place for residents to shop and socialise. If you are not registered, you will not be able to vote in the most important election in a generation. The commission would like to hear your thoughts, experiences, and ideas for improving women’s personal safety. Just one litre of used cooking oil (about one-third of what you’d find in an average chip pan) can power a dishwasher for three hours, make 240 cups of tea or power an energy-saving light bulb for 225 hours. They are concerned that this will really impact on the quality of care and as a charity are having to do much more fundraising to maintain the service. There are 140 free radiators available, which will be given out to people who are aged 65 and over, who have an old out-dated heater. The winners in each artist’s category will play a live set on the Terrace of the House of Commons at the finale reception and will be eligible to win some once in a life time prizes.
Each of Liverpool’s seven fire stations have 20 to give away and they will be available on a first come first serve basis.
They are asking people to swap electric bar fires and other dangerous appliances for an oil filled radiator.

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