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When your thoughts and awareness wanders away, you purposefully pull them back to what you were doing and experiencing.
You simply observe it and let it drift away without attaching any emotional or rational value to it. Practicing mindfulness and living in the moment can be life changing and will at the very least, change how you see and experience your life.
As you brush your hair, you are acutely aware of the sensations and how you are responding to these sensations.

Nothing else matters – it is only you and the brushing of your hair and the sensations you feel.
We are constantly thinking about what happened, how and why it happened and what it might mean.
We know it is there, but that every moment is of a passing nature and need not elicit a reaction, since it will belong to the past in a moment.
When you do think about the past and future, you do that with the awareness of the now in mind.

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