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A new study suggests that new brain imaging technology may help people adjust and control their brain functioning by allowing them to “watch” their own brain activity as it happens. This advancement in brain imaging technology has huge clinical applications for neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions, including chronic depression. Baillet and colleagues believe that MEG technology could be an innovative therapeutic approach in the future for neuropsychiatric disorders such as chronic depression.

It was the first of its kind to demonstrate that magnetoencephalography (MEG) could be used as a therapeutic tool to train and control target brain regions. MEG is advanced imaging technology that measures magnetic fields generated by nerve circuits in the brain and is able to capture these magnetic fields with remarkable accuracy and has a time resolution of a millisecond time scale across the entire brain. Sylvain Baillet, acting Director of the Brain Imaging Centre at The Neuro and lead investigator on the study, says “This means you can observe your own brain activity as it happens.

We can use MEG for neurofeedback – a process by which people can see on-going physiological information that they aren’t usually aware of, in this case, their own brain activity, and use that information to train themselves to self-regulate.

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