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We have typically defined addiction as needing a substance to function normally, but this ignores crucial psychological qualities of addiction. Responding to the shooting of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, Bill Nye says the treatment of animals in zoos is plainly unethical. Researchers present what they’ve learned now that they can read the tiny text inside the Antikythera mechanism.
In response to the attacks in Brussels, we've put together a playlist of our most experienced and insightful experts into the dark heart of ISIS.
Big Think has partnered with PwC to bring you big ideas on the future of women in leadership. Recent discoveries in neuroscience suggest our brains have the quality of "neuroplasticity," meaning the networks it uses to communicate information are malleable much later into life than previously thought.
In other words, not only does playing the scales help us learn the piano, but also by learning new activities into the later stages of life, we can change the synaptic connections in our brain.

This article is part of a series on developing women leaders presented in partnership with PwC. Throughout the history of neurological research, it’s been proven that one’s involvement in exercise expands one’s brain functioning; in turn, I think “exercise” is a paradigm where several different fitness modalities can fall under.
The National Library of Medicine conducted a study showing that “Physical exercise has been shown to increase brain volume and improve cognition in randomized trials of non-demented elderly”.
Chris Murphy, a gun-control advocate whose home state saw the massacre of 20 school children at Sandy Hook Elementary, has launched a surprise filibuster on the floor of the Senate.
View failure as new information to be incorporated into your outlook rather than the end of your efforts.
Remind yourself of good actions you take and monitor your language for negative words because they perpetuate what Kay and Shipman call NATS (negative automatic thoughts): "Women are particularly prone to NATS. Develop power positions by having good posture; keeping your chin up and abs in is "astonishingly simple yet woefully infrequent," they write.

In this piece, I will discuss the notion of unilateral loading on one’s body, as well as the mind. Now, throughout this trial the exercises were restricted to the confines “Tai Chi” and other accredited fitness practices.
You will learn how to train your brain and body to achieve great results in increasing your mental capacity. Imagine, if one could extract the mental benefits of exercise without getting caught up in the mishegas of today’s fitness crazes.

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