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The bestselling author of The ADD Answer and The IQ Answer offers a powerful remedy for a universal maladyDr. Frank Lawlis has helped hundreds of thousands of families cope with learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, and emotional disconnection. Now he takes on the single biggest difficulty that most of us, children and adults, face every day: stress. In the workplace, at school, and in our relationships, the effects of stress can be devastating. Lawlis redefines stress and shows readers how they can retrain their brain to prevent stress from taking its toll.
This clear and practical guide includes action plans and recommendations for specific foods, physical exercises, and mental relaxation techniques to train your brain to combat stress.The Stress Answer offers hope to anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, overscheduled, or overextended. Hundreds of families have flocked to Lawlis’s clinic for stress solutions—now anyone can benefit from his expertise.

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