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We follow rigorous procedures to qualify manufacturing .this assures we provide our customers quality products that give us the right to give our clients limited warranty. If you are a driver and you want to start working, all you have to do is start your car engine and accept requests. On the Home screen, you will find only the Uber app in the dock and three more apps above it: Camera, Weather and Maps.
Uber makes it easy to join without having a smartphone, because the company provides all the necessary gadgets needed for the job.

Uber is using a profile to hide some of the apps and keep only a few of the default Apple ones.
It doesn't really matter it is an old phone, because the device comes with just a few apps. When you open it, you will first be presented with a booklet that is the driver's guide. When you take it out of the box, you will see Uber's recommendations for 5-star drivers.

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