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To this day, scientists are still investigating why our brains work the way they do — especially when it comes to functions like memory, sleep, and meditation. Our subconscious can process a myriad of things — say, external factors and experiences that affect how we have dreams.
But it can also play tricks on us, making us believing in something that didn't happen, or making us feel a certain way toward people we don't like.
In an exclusive look below, we'll explore some of the most intriguing ways you can control your brain. Master these shortcuts, so that you can start to maximize your potential and feel fulfilled every day. Scroll on to discover the simple tweaks you can make in your life, to help your brain do amazing things.
With our hectic work schedules and busy home lives, it's not unusual to only get a few hours of sleep each night. But there's a simple trick you can use to feel refreshed and alert without getting much sleep at all! It's called the Uberman Sleep Schedule, and it's a way to organize your sleep pattern so that you maximize your REM sleep. For those who work full-time, try taking a nap late in the afternoon or soon after you return home. This power nap system will help you concentrate and ultimately double up your amount of REM sleep. We all get easily annoyed by things in our daily lives, and end up associating these sources of frustration with negative feelings. But instead of reacting negatively to stressful people and situations, try to filter mainly positive thoughts through your mind the next time something bad happens. This can train your brain to approach difficult situations with a positive attitude, rather than a defeated and negative one. So the next time your grandchild is throwing a tantrum or you feel overwhelmed at work, rewire your brain to find the silver lining in the situation.
The trick to feeling happier is not to wish for happiness — but to actually go out and do things that youknow will make you feel happy. Science has shown that things like taking a walk, window-shopping, spending time with loved ones, helping others, and even smiling can profoundly better our moods.

In addition to making small changes to your lifestyle, remember not to let that one negative incident ruin your entire day. Store positive, reinforcing thoughts and memories in your mind, and keep going back to them. No matter how much you get done during the day, it can sometimes feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day. To do this, try to constantly give your brain new information: learn new facts, meet new people, or learn a new skill and find a new hobby. Your brain will help you feel like you have "stretched out" time by taking in new sensations at a faster rate. It sounds suspicious, but there are interesting ways you can trick your brain into feeling less pain. Whether you're dealing with a chronic pain, or something more fleeting like cramps, you should face your injury head-on by focusing on the source of pain.
Studies have shown that subjects who either touched or stared intensely at their wounds had a better mental grasp of the pain they were experiencing. You can also try a type of meditation technique called "guided imagery": close your eyes and sit somewhere quiet. When you meet someone new for the first time, say, at a dinner party or communal event, "practice" saying their name more than just one time. So the next time you pick up a new skill or learn new information, take a break every hour or so.
And while multitasking is a great ability to have, allowing your brain to rest every now and then will help you focus more strongly on individual tasks — which will help reduce errors and increase efficiency.
But there are ways you can "trick" yourself into liking them, or at least into wanting to engage with them. According to research done by Lifehacker, working and overcoming challenges with someone can help you bond with them, often in a very effective way.
The Latest from our Partners 1 - 3 of 15 Gaining Weight Between Pregnancies May Harm Baby La. There are several techniques to "hack" your brain and start taking control of things, from your productivity to your emotions, and even sleep patterns. This is when you're fully asleep and dreaming — but during this, you realize that you're in a dream.

They occur most often right before you wake up, or when you fall back asleep shortly after waking up. This way, when you happen to start dreaming even if you're not fully asleep, the critical part of your brain can still keep functioning.
The key to feeling like more time has passed is to allow your brain to process more information during the day.
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