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If you want to make your presentation more visually appealing — and go beyond the standard Microsoft clip art — there are many online libraries of free and paid images available. Knowing what you can and can’t use however can sometimes cause confusion, so here are some pointers as well as 15 sources for both paid and free images to help make your next presentation stunning (and legal).
Copyright and permission: Just because it’s easy to copy something doesn’t mean you can legally do so. Paid vs free images: With so many free images available, you might never need to pay for one.
Image quality: Your images should look good on a slide (not blurry or distorted), but they don’t need as high of a resolution as you would use for print. Photographs vs drawings: Photos are usually more visually appealing, but sometimes icons or clip art are better at conveying an idea. These sites allow you to use their images free of charge and without even crediting the author. FreeMediaGoo: Small but high-quality collection, many provided by professional photographers. Unsplash: Not as comprehensive as some of the others, but they send you 10 very good photos every 10 days. Many of these sites use a Creative Commons licence, which allows you to use the images but only under certain conditions. Google Images: You should not just copy any images you find on Google, because they are copyright.
Flickr: All photos on Flickr are copyrighted, but you can filter your search to include Creative Commons photos that are available for commercial use and can be modified. Creative Commons Search: This search engine allows you to search many Creative Commons sites from one place.
Finally, here are some sources for finding icons, drawings and clip art for use in your online presentations. Free Social Media Icon Sets: If you want to show social media icons in your presentation (for example, on a slide showing your contact details), this article has many collections of social media icons. If you have any other great sources for images, add a comment underneath this post and share away! Gihan Perera is a futurist and an expert in helping leaders understand how the Internet has changed their world.
Thanks for the tip on filtering Google for “reuse with modification,” I had no idea that was an option! There are a lot of common misconceptions about ‘working from home’ (as identified in our recent blog post), and a lot of uncertainty on the part of both workers and businesses alike. A well-lit area will avoid you having to rely on artificial computer-screen light, and will help keep you alert and focused. Be that a to-do list on your notepad or a whiteboard by your workspace; make a to-do list as you would at your normal desk, and stick to it.
Offices are generally noisy places – from the low-level hum of computers and click of keyboards to the full blown noise of chatter and gossip.
Speaking of speakers, if you’re working at home for the full week you’ll inevitably need to have calls with clients or colleagues, and a web conference system means you can get the face time you usually have even if you’re not in the office. While you won’t have to negotiate the politics of carrying multiple cups of tea for your colleagues, pre-stocking the cupboard with a supply of your usual workplace snacks at the start of the week will mean you can treat yourself as you would at work, and alleviate the need to dash to the shops during the day. Especially important if working in your home environment, factoring in some time to get up from your ‘desk’ and get away from it is important.
Research from Citrix has shown that 31 percent of office workers say that they can’t stand team-building activities. So rather than thinking of team-building as something awkward and forced, take a fresh spin on it with these five low-key but high-impact ideas.

Encourage team members to take a coffee break at the same time, or provide spaces for them to sit down together at lunchtime. It’s so easy for an office to become a stagnant space, with the same layout for months or years. One of my all-time favorite work events was a charity abseil my employer organised many years ago. In businesses where teams are mobile and geographically dispersed, it can sometimes be too easy to lose people to their individual roles. It can be a day for blue sky thinking, where all ideas are listened to, and where there are no limits on what employees can suggest. Wendy McAuliffe is director of social media and content creation consultancy Populate Digital, and co-founder of Bloggers Required. It’s safe to say that wearables have successfully carved themselves a place in the consumer market: smartwatches, fitness trackers and notification devices are playing an increasingly prominent role in our day-to-day existence.
If you’re buying images only for online presentations, don’t spend more for very high-resolution versions.
By combining shapes, arrows and small photographs, you can create visually appealing slides that load quickly. However, you can filter your search to show images that are labelled for “reuse with modification”. If you use a free image, you must publish an acknowledgement to the site and the image creator on the slide that the image is used or in a list of references.
One of its best features is that you can sign up for a month and download five photos a day. One of its best features is its advanced search facility, which allows you to search by image size, price, age of picture and even the main colours in it!
Many of them are higher resolution than what is required for the web, so they are ideal for presentation slide decks. We’re gearing up our blog launch now, so finding relevant images has been a major part of the process. If so, now could be the perfect time – today marks the start of National Work From Home Week!
But with a little bit of discipline and understanding, you can have just as productive a work day at home as you would in the office, if not more so! As mentioned in our ‘perfect desk’ post, natural views or landscape images help with concentration and relieve stress, so if you’re lucky enough to have a garden view, take advantage of it.
While the absence of that kind of noise is likely a welcome relief, ambient background noise is essential as it is a good motivational yet calming influence.
Especially if you’re WFH the whole week, having these calls is essential to avoid you getting lonely or losing focus. If you’re working from home on an office machine (or connecting to an office server using your own computer), make sure you have up-to-date security software on it to keep your business documents and data protected (this might even be your company’s policy).
Let us know what’s in your essential work from home kitlist in the comments below or on Twitter! She has been part of the Demand Generation team for the past six years, looking after anything from webinars to content creation.
It can conjure up all sorts of images where colleagues are flung together into awkward scenarios which they would have rather avoided. Rather than viewing this time as lost productivity, remember that it’s often during relaxed moments that great thinking and discussion occurs. But if you want to encourage new and stronger relationships, change up the seating arrangements.
In addition to the fun of rappelling down the side of our office building, my team enjoyed the build-up and a little light-hearted training beforehand.

Byte Night, which last year saw 1,400 people sleep out on the streets for charity, is a popular one within the IT industry. Studies have shown that corporations with community involvement retain employees at a dramatically higher rate than the average, while also reaping benefits in leadership, productivity and morale. Making the time to get together once or twice a year for a company hackathon’, where team members come up with new ideas to grow business, can bring people together and provide value to the company. Days such as these can help individuals feel like they are a valued member of the team, and there’s no reason why they can’t be fun too.
The company could set aside a small budget for purchasing books, and the group can meet monthly to discuss the book they’ve been reading. Wendy’s a former technology journalist and in her spare time writes a parenting blog, MummyMcAuliffe. Rapid advancements in flexible display technology mean that we’re able to expand our notion of what wearable tech can do, and where it can be used.
For the last 15 years, he has been a speaker, trainer, webinar presenter and mentor, helping thought leaders and business leaders with their e-marketing, e-learning and business strategies.
We’ve put together a handy ‘essential starter kit’ of the items you need to make your Work From Home Week a productive one. Select a tidy, well-lit area of your home or room where you can set up a desk space and a proper chair. Keep to your work hours and focus on your tasks when you know you’re more naturally productive. Put on your playlist, and take advantage of the ability to play it at full volume from your speakers!
If you’re a manager and your team are working from home this week, perhaps scheduling a mid-week check-in with them is a good way to make sure they’re motivated, focused and happy. It’s also worth saving copies of any vital documents that you need to work on that day to a USB stick, desktop (if it complies with your business’ policy), or upload them to a secure cloud-based file sharing and storage solution such as Sharefile to make sure you can still access the files you need in the event of an unforeseen IT issue.
Be sure to eat lunch elsewhere in the house, or get out and go for a walk to clear your head and refocus for the afternoon.
In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball, trying to learn Portuguese and eating cake – lots of cake. Despite employee perception, there is plenty of research supporting the benefits of activities that foster healthy team culture and group dynamics. There was no pressure to get involved – it was purely optional – but as a result I think everyone wanted to give it a go, and because it was for charity, no one felt like they were being thrown into an awkward situation. Potentially, this time out of the office could help you better understand your natural working rhythm, which you can use to your advantage when you’re back in the office.
Resist the temptation to switch on the TV – pick up a book and give your eyes a rest from the screen. While employees like to feel that they have a ‘home’ or their own personal space at work, this can be achieved while also making sure that no one gets too comfortable in one place.
It was one of those days I will never forget, and turned out to be the most effective team-building scenario I have ever experienced. Patent and Trademark Office, with the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market, and in other jurisdictions. By adjusting seating plans, you’ll be helping to keep things fresh and it will give all team members the chance to really get to know each other.

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