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So be sure to take a moment RIGHT NOW to take a breath deep into your heart, to tap your Third Eye and to read this information with your Highest Self.
CLICK HERE FOR A SUMMARY SHOWING ALL 22 RESOURCES YOU WILL GET INSTANT ACCESS TO IN THIS POWERFUL PROSPERITY PROGRAM! I have been honored to teach, coach and serve thousands of women (and some very special men) worldwide in my private Prosperous Goddess Mastermind program and online trainings, designed - and co-taught!
Now, in humanity's new age, the time has come for us to make the most POWERFUL, LIFE-CHANGING tools and teachings from this angel-given SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE program available to many more people because the planet needs every one of us to fully BE the Earth angels we truly are, to serve as the bridge between Heaven and Earth, that we came here to be. These daily printouts are the energizing, emprosperizing backbone of the entire A3 program. Archangel Michael directed Sage to design the 40-day immersion as an ever-increasing SPIRAL OF ABUNDANCE ENERGY, covering 8 themes and all 8 "Beliefs to Shift" that are ESSENTIAL for your prosperity and true wealth. On the second day, I was pleasantly surprised when the office manager of my solo law office told me we had received 2 checks from other lawyers amounting to over $7,600 for referrals! Then, also within days of starting the A3 course, I was meeting with another lawyer and he gave me a check for $14,866 for another case I didn't even remember giving him. I love the energy of the Aligning with Abundance meditation I am doing daily with A3, and I can feel it working on me on a deep level. Please feel free to use anything I ever say, as humble as it is, nothing I can say could ever give you the credit you deserve. Sage, when you took me through the Golden Portal with Archangel Michael in a TelAttunement, I reunited with my twin flame!
In photo above, Alexia, who is an accomplished musician, is doing didgeridoo healing on other Prosperous Goddess sisters at the 2012 Loot Camp Retreat.
This comprehensive, easy-to-do course contains EVERYTHING YOU NEED to awaken your abundance within. 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE, HOLISTIC spiritual abundance course you will ever find. Law of Affirmation Affirmations - Words of Power energizers to give your affirmations muscle!
Completing Sagea€™s 40 days to Prosperity Consciousness™ has been a fire and a catalyst for me. The structured format of 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness™ in A3 was perfect for me.
During the 40 days, I consistently listened to Aligning With Abundance™ whilst I slept.
The biggest shift for me by far has been that, during the daily morning and night-time routines, I picked up my pen and started to write. This life-changing information will empower you unlike any other Law of Attraction out there which is why readers have called it "Law of Attraction Graduate School"!

Whether you are new to LoA or have been visualizing and saying affirmations for many years, you are guaranteed to gain an entire new perspective on manifestation so you can create YOUR dream life much more quickly, joyfully and successfully than ever. I have several binaural beat CDs, audios and hypnotherapy recordings, and meditations of all sorts, so I am very experienced in this area.
After listening last night, I woke up feeling absolutely wonderful and ready to move forward. I also really appreciate your writings about Law of Attraction because you are the one LOA teacher so far (and believe me, I have read a lot of the LOA material out there) who puts the LOA process into 3 manageable levels the way you do; so that a person a) can pinpoint exactly where they are at, and b) can pace themselves with their forward progress. These beYOUtiful affirmations and illuminating quiz will help you pinpoint in what ways you are and are not yet loving yourself fully, and how to deepen your self-love and in-loveness a€“ with Life! Printout of this beautiful, interfaith prayer that helps you connect with your guides and enlist their divine help so you FULFILL YOUR BEST DESTINY! And you will have direct access to Sage & Archangel Michael's wisdom, teaching & coaching to help you fully manifest the success you desire!
If you are thinking you can't afford it, what is it costing you every month to stay blocked regarding money? If the fear voice is saying, "I've done other programs before and I've not gotten results so why should this one be any different?" - Were the other programs DESIGNED BY ARCHANGEL MICHAEL?
Is it worth a reasonable amount of my time, money and focus to empower me for the rest of my life so I can finally fulfill my purpose and prosper?
There is ONE reason to say yes that is really the most important of all: You love yourself enough to boost your happiness, your abundance, your ability to help others, and your passion for life. You will have access to Sage and Archangel Michael and receive inspirational and empowering new teachings and tools, connect with kindred spirits on the path of spiritual abundance, and keep energizing your path at our online comeUNITY, which goes way beyond other online groups. Since that day, I have painted hundreds of pictures, produced a deck of wisdom cards, created and published a book, all in the space of a few months!
I enrolled in Sagea€™s Higher Consciousness program for intuitive development, which inspired me to write intuitively every day! Sage is beyond awesome as a coach and teacher because she keeps everyone connected and supported at every step of the way.
I am now joyfully enrolled in Espiritpreneurs and Higher Consciousness 2 and cana€™t wait to see what miracles Sage and Archangel Michael bring to me next! Sage also received nominations in ALL 5 categories for the Best of Law of Atrraction 2014 global awards!
If you feel like you have wasted a lot of time, money and effort on programs that didn't produce results for you, this is the program you've been waiting for!
Would you love to have Archangel Michael as your personal guide to creating the life of your dreams? For 3 whole months, Sage will do focused prayer and directed Reiki for YOU to energetically and spiritually bless you, heal you and enhance your success!

Each day for 40 days you will receive step-by-step empowering and enLIGHTening exercises proven to enhance your prosperity consciousness, energy, beliefs and lifestyle! I feel happier and more purposeful, I am amazed at all the money that has already showed up, and I can't wait to see what the next shifts are going to look like! Her abundance audios are awesome and her 40-day Prosperity Consciousness immersion moved abundance energy for me FAST!
That's right, just by doing the powerful daily practices in Sagea€™s 40-day immersion, I doubled my personal savings plus paid for my week long VACATION to Las Vegas in style! For the first time, I was easily able to develop a routine of simple, yet highly effective daily practices around prosperity, spirituality & Law of Attraction. I know an excellent quality recording when I hear one and I do appreciate just how good yours is. This morning my phone has been full of loving messages from potential clients interested in booking sessions with me, so the MAGNETISM is working already! By now you have a good sense of what this program can do for you to ACTIVATE YOUR POWERFUL PASSIONATE PURPOSE and connection with Self, Source & Spirit. As a RESULT of doing this powerful program, you stand to receive so much more financial wealth, many times your investment flowing toward you for many years to come. You can listen to the audios while you sleep, while you drive or go about your day so they take no time at all. Earthly support with Sage in our FaceBook Group and divine support from your guides and angels.
Did they integrate R-evolutionary Mind~Body recalibration with shamanic & angelic energywork, prayer, Theta hypnotic programming, and chakra healing? She lives her life from her heart, she actually walks her talk, and talks her talk with great passion!
If you want the BEST program that goes higher and deeper than anything and everything else out there, you have been guided right here right now for a reason!
Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM, is a 6-figure Intuitive and Abundance Acceleration Coach, Archangel Michael channel, shamanic soul and energy healer, Reiki Master Teacher, hypnotherapist and a catalyst for personal and planetary transformation. In fact, I went to bed last night listening to it with my headphones on, and I had the most amazing lucid dreams of flying and being happy with my family.
Yours and AAM's Telattunments have changed my life and I can never thank you enough, I am sooo grateful. But if you are serious about breaking free from your old beliefs and patterns, if you know that NOW is your time for awakening into abundance, it's time to take inspired action.

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