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Top 10 best must read "Law Of Attraction" BooksI have been asked time and time again which are the best books on the Law of attraction.
Hey all,I got a list of the textbooks that will be needed for my classes as a 1L this fall. Understanding crim by dressler is probably the best supplement even if you are not using his casebook.
However, I was wondering, in addition to those books, are there extra books that we should buy (e&e's, hornbooks, anything??).
You'll do best if you look having a feel for the prof, and they will not infrequently mention their recommendations in class. Think And Grow Rich:unedited 1937 edition by Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich is on the top since it is my favorite and one of the most read books by self made millionaires.

Napoleon Hill was teaching these business principles techniques based on "the law of attraction" since 1937  this book has different versions out there. In this book Abraham will teach how to manifest your desires so you can live a fulfilled and joyous life that everyone deserves.
This law of attraction book could be described as a lab work book because it takes you through nine do it yourself experiments that manifest in a 48 hour period to prove once and for all that the law of attraction is the real deal. Which the authors point of view is that we are after the feeling of achievement and not the actual thing like a nice car or house etc. It has an IQ test, full of new stories with lessons and exercises to put them into practice. Creative visualization: Use The Power Of Your Imagination To Create What You Want In Your Life by Shakti GawainThis book has a gentle introduction into creative visualization That has been successful in arts,health,business,sports, Etc.

This law of attraction book teaches how to use affirmations and mental imagery to produce positive changes in ones life. Gawain fills book with meditations and exercises to help practitioner to channel positive energy.
After reading these law of attraction books I started having better success in my business,love life, and felt more peace within.

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