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Hey, Alex Winter here from Bill & Ted and Downloaded and noticed a lot of child stars memes today. Because I studied as a filmmaker and as soon as I could make a living doing it and moved out of acting, I did. As a teenager I listened to the soundtrack to Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey about a bazillion times.
It's a rare entree into an extraordinary world that very little has been talked seriously about. That Freaked made them one to slather themselves with toxic chemicals, turn into a hideous mutation and join a South American carnival sideshow! What are some of the biggest challenges facing child stars, and what impact does America's celebrity-obsessed culture have?
As you are a lover of documentaries, what are some of your recent favorites that everyone should go out and see? Who was your favorite of the historical people to work with, also were the names you came up with for them (so-crates, Bob Genghis Kahn etc) improvised?
Midnight's Children, Gatekeepers, Star Trek Into Darkness, Epic, Pacific Rim, and my own movie Downloaded coming out! Do you have an oppinion on the Bill & Ted musical that was put on in the late 90's?

Somebody from above beat me to posting the question I was going to ask, so I just want to say I really enjoy your work, and it's been great following you on Twitter.
In one of your answered you mentioned you have a movie coming out called Grand Piano with John Cusack. I made my wife take the exit, found the local Circle K, and had my wife take a picture of me outside by the payphone. Me and Tom Stern wrote Freaked originally as a low budget vehicle for the Butthole Surfers.
I'm 26 and was a fan of his since Shining Time Station when my dad turned me on to him. It will follow several current child actors, some very famous ex-child stars and get into the whole spectrum of this environment - warts and all! One of my friends has a couple of kids who have been doing a bunch of acting lately - what's some advice you would give to an aspiring child actor? There seemed to be a lot of buzz around it late last year, you even mentioned it a couple of times yourself - but now it's all gone quiet? Two questions: 1) Was there any reason why Keanu wasn't credited in his role in Freaked? I stumbled upon it through a fansite a while back and the soundtrack CD has been in my car ever since.

Anything you can tell us about a dvd release or any sketches you wanted to do, but got shot down?
Loved The Lost Boys, one of those movies that defined my childhood, but my question is, what was it like to work with William Sadler in Bogus Journey? It opened a lot of doors that allowed me to move into writing and directing, my first love.
When I met Jonathan Winters (rip) he told me people did the opposite to him so I felt better. And the culture's obsession with raising up and tearing down celebrities is especially hard when that celebrity is young.
And given all the craziness right now with the Internet; rights issues, copyright issues, all of this contention, i decided to make it a doc and let all the players talk for themselves.
When that didn't happen, we re-wrote it as a friendlier PG movie with our Idiot Box cohort and resident genius Tim Burns. If I was you guys I would go to bars and parties and stuff in character - would you guys do that for me?

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