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The business of satta (gambling) is one of the most fruitful and one can ever indulge in it. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The absolute best time to have your garage sale is during the days that your community has set aside as designated garage sale days.
If your community doesna€™t have garage sale days, then it would also be advantageous to have a your own garage sale while other community events are going on, such as a fair or festival, that may draw a crowd to your communitya€”more cars driving by, more potential for people to stop by your garage sale.
Another option would be to get together with a few of your neighbors and have your own multi-family garage sale days. It can be very helpful to give people an idea of what kinds of goods are at your garage sale by putting a sign out highlighting what types of items you have the most of.
If your community has annual garage sale days, and you have participated before, you know that garage sale-goers are early risers. Besides being ready early, make sure that you have plenty of small bills and coins so that you can make change. This is the part of the garage sale that my kids absolutely love, mainly because they get to keep the money that they make selling refreshments.
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Typically, communities notify local newspapers of community events, such as garage sale days, so a lot of people will be anticipating the event and are probably planning to attend, so this is your best opportunity to get the most traffic through your garage sale. Several households having garage sales is more appealing to attenders, so this may help draw a bigger crowd as well. When I have a garage sale, I put a sign out in my yard with some of the items that I think will be more sought-after, in order to draw more people in.
This one may sound obvious, but I have been to garage sales before that couldna€™t give me change for a $10. When I go to a garage sale, I know that I dona€™t want to sift through large boxes that have a bunch of clothes or toys just thrown in there. This is such a great way for the kids to actually do something to earn some money during the summer too. So you dona€™t want to waste your time putting a great garage sale together, and then not make any money from it.
I know that if Ia€™m going to spend time going to garage sales, I want to be able to make the most of my time and get to as many as possible. For example, I list some of the major components of my garage sale: baby items, boy clothes (sizes 12 mos a€“ 3T), maternity, household goods. Guess what, they lost a salea€”and you will too if you dona€™t have enough change to offer people who may want to buy your stuff. I figure if they didna€™t bother to organize it, it must be junka€”and not worth my time or money.

I always have some items out of the garage that are bigger items that may help to draw more people in: baby play pens, strollers, grills, etc.
And believe it or not, refreshments are a huge seller at a garage salea€”especially if it is hot.
So here are some tips to help you maximize your efforts and make as much money as possible.
If you open up a half-hour or hour before other garage sales, you have the opportunity to get some of the early garage-salers before they stop at other garage salesa€”giving yourself a better opportunity to make some early sales. For bigger, nicer items that I want to get more money on, I put on hangers and display on racks so they can be seen easily.
We dona€™t make any of the refreshments, primarily because I wouldna€™t personally buy anything that was homemade from a home that I wasna€™t familiar with, so we opt to buy individual bags of chips, crackers, and cookies, cans of soda-pop, and bottles of water. We stock up on these items that we get from Sama€™s Club, so that we can still sell them for a low price, but can also make a little bit of profit too.
It is also a bit of summer math practice for my boys because they collect the money and make change for their customers.

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