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Why don’t we change that with this good read showcasing three ways on why it’s not working out for you along with tips for each on how to make it exactly work out for you. How to fix it: The second you notice your thoughts wandering to negative territory, reign them in and show them the light again. If you feel like you haven’t attracted too much positivity in this world, then you must not know a great deal about it.

It obeys your every thought, so if you constantly place your energy on the bills you have to pay, the long hours you work, lack of time for relaxation, etc, it has no choice but to bring MORE of that into your life. You have the power to control your mind, so exercise your rights and remember that you get to create your experiences based on your predominant thoughts. Start up a gratitude journal if you have trouble keeping your mind focused on positive thoughts, or take some quiet time to meditate.

Remain grateful for what you do have, and the universe will have no choice but to send you even more things to be thankful for.

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