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As industry experts in all things beds we understand how to help people achieve a great night’s sleep. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Yes, it's time to sleep train Ben, only Dave and I were wimpy about it with Sabrina and Max and nothing's changed.
I asked about sleep training on a local Facebook mom group, and the main suggestions were put the baby to sleep early, consistency, wine and ear plugs.
Kathryn AMarch 15, 2016 at 6:49 AMNo advice but that picture of Max and Sabrina is precious!
Through our long time handcrafting beds, we know a thing or two about getting a good night's sleep - and we share these in our simplified and short presentation.
This is because I truly enjoy being awake, and it would also come in handy for finalizing plans for Max's bar mitzvah (a mere FOUR WEEKS AWAY). Plus it would enable me to quit doing fuzzy-brained things such as driving to Staples then coming to a dead stop in the middle of the store because I've momentarily forgotten what I came there go get. My baby went from waking up 5x a night to 1x and now sleeps 11-12 hours a night and naps are good too (however, I do give paci for naps which he didn't take until 5 months old). I never figured out why they stopped, they just did, one night they did not wake up and that was it.

But, I know you had mentioned poor Ben had been struggling with some reflux issues, and as a person living with excess stomach acid and reflux myself, I can certainly offer some tips on more comfortable sleep while having these types of conditions. Sleeping can be very uncomfortable with reflux for lots of reasons (did you know you don't really swallow when you sleep and that can make reflux symptoms worse?). Maybe try having him sleep in a bouncy or car seat; the upright position might make him less uncomfortable. Try not to have him nap immediately after a big meal as he will be extremely uncomfortable as soon as he lies down.
Also, it might sound silly, but some gentle circular pressure on his little tummy will probably soothe some of the symptoms once he does lie down and perhaps help him drift off. Morning nap 2 hours after awake for the day, afternoon nap 3 hours after that, bed time 4 hours after that.
Remember to include some kind of sensory experience (rocking, the same song, the sound machine) as a part of his bedtime routine. Everything I've read says that while it sounds counter-intuitive, overtired kids have more trouble napping or sleeping through the night. So addressing the nap issue might help with the night issue, although I know in my case all 3 of my kiddos did not sleep completely through the night until past 6 months. We sleep trained our son when he was 3 months old and it was one of the best things we've ever done!
Her pricing is completely reasonable and she puts together a customized plan and schedule for your family.

She works remotely via Face Time, Email and Phone and offers so much great support through the process. All the books I read were great, but I felt I really needed something specific to my child. Our son has never been a good napper, even after sleep training, but at least we get some relief at night.
I tried to eliminate other foods first, figuring something I was eating might have been setting her off, but no luck.
I realized one late night that the caffeine I was drinking to stay awake with her was probably keeping her up too, and so I didn't have any for about a day and then she actually slept!
Not through the whole night, mind you, but a lot more hours at a stretch than she had been.
After that I just skipped caffeine altogether until she was done with nursing (though I will admit to occasional chocolate indulgences, which she seemed ok with). If there was any, I'd rock the crib or making shussing noises, but not take the baby out. Same thing over the next few nights, with each night bringing me closer to the door and eventually to the chair being in the hallway outside the door, and then bit by bit further from the room.

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