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So, she now has enough room to swing a cat.( pardon the phrase)  Her 12 year old no longer has to endure the mortification of baby toys still knocking around his bedroom and the hospice is over ?600 better off! Here’s a gentle introduction to help you achieve a little of that feel good factor yourself. The benefits may not be obvious immediately but you can feel virtuous whilst making the effort long term. You may be in a position to influence work colleagues or bosses to get involved in charity efforts too. Biog: Charlie is planning on turning her recent love for running into a lucrative charity money spinner! If you are not in a rush, I like to be able to listen to the project in both of my studios, as well as in my car. When I feel I have something worth presenting, I will either get a CD to you (if you are local), or send you files over the Internet.
When mastering is completed, I usually upload the master to the manufacturer of your choice.
She mustered up the energy to clear everything out of her house and garage so that she could, I assumed, just have a good spring clean. Or perhaps you’re a hiking buff who can take advantage of exploring never before seen countryside. You know the one, with a door which never shuts properly because of years of impulse buys and sentimental keepsakes.

How many of us actually have followed through on promises to give our homes a conservation makeover? A ‘donate a day’ scheme, for example, can work to the advantage of companies, as well as the charities involved. Whenever possible, it is preferable to deliver the mixes in that format, at 24-bit, than to use regular audio CDs. This test involves listening to your mixes, and directly comparing them to the song references which you have given me, as well as my own references.
She made ?300 from unwanted bits and bobs proving one man’s junk really is another’s treasure. These activities rake in willing donations from friends and family who are delighted to do their bit too.
There are countless projects abroad whose need is for help of any sort, skilled or otherwise.
Here, your team can offer a day’s hard grafting for free for a needy organisation or establishment. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing. Audio CDs have already downgraded the audio to 16-bit, and thus are inferior to the mixes that the original mixing system itself generated. Conservation, teaching, community projects, with voluntary work abroad, you can really exploit your willingness to help.

These mixes may be fun to listen to at home, but in terms of mastering, they are a virtual time bomb. When asked what they had planned with this little windfall, I discovered their local hospice would be benefitting. Your more ‘off-the-wall’ items will make great dressing up clothes for kids in the neighbourhood so could be included in any garage or car boot sale. And with getting to explore areas off the beaten track from a perspective not achievable on a normal trip abroad, this surely is the top of the feel good factor list?
Simple modifications in the home and the way we live can also make a difference to our carbon footprint. The organisation’s benefits are obvious and your company gets a worthwhile team building day.
But the more useable items which you simply don’t want will be welcomed at any charity shop. What about putting aside money saved, towards a rewarding holiday like family adventure holidays to Antarctica or the Artic? The whole family can see firsthand, the environments we should be working so hard to protect.

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