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Don't go too hard on it — like all fruit juices, it has quite a high amount of sugar in it — but if you're struggling to sleep, this juice might save the day. You know that relaxing feeling you get during a facial or massage when the therapist speaks in hushed tones? Even if the above tips do work for you, they'll all be null and void if you sabotage your sleep in the hours before bedtime.
Often considered unsuitable for all but the very old, the very young or the simply slothful, napping really doesn’t deserve its bad rap. Your bedroom should be your personal sleep refuge, a place reserved mostly for nightly shut-eye. People who don’t sleep enough have higher levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates appetite, and lower levels of the hormone leptin, which tells your brain that you’re full.
The more you want it, the harder it seems to be to obtain — and when you do eventually get it, it doesn't stick around for very long. But this ancient yogic practice draws on the idea that your left nostril links to the Ida nerve ending, which is linked to calmness and relaxtion.
New research out of Louisiana State University found that people who had a drink of the juice morning and night for two weeks experienced (on average) 90 minutes of extra sleep each. Tensing and relaxing your muscles slowly and deliberately is a physical reminder to the body that you are trying to relax, and in most cases your brain will catch the wind-down signal and follow suit.

Find out six things you need to avoid before you hit the hay, and make avoiding them a nightly practice. She feels sleepy all day most days, falling asleep at work and on her bus ride home but then lies awake at night staring at the ceiling dreading another sleep-deprived day ahead. Learn how exercise, good sleep habits and a planned sleep schedule can help you fall asleep when you can’t sleep at night.
We all know the benefits of getting a good night's sleep each and every night, but new research has pointed out that it's even more important than we think.
Holistic sleep therapist Peter Smith talked Mirror through some simple steps: “Lie on your left side, resting a finger on your right nostril to close it. Luckily for us, we don't need to be full-blown yogis to experience the benefits, and nowadays there are hundreds of apps available to provide peaceful, guided yoga nidra sessions. Hit iTunes to find an app you like (many are free) and if you want to sleep without painful earphones, invest in a pair of soft headphones.
Sleep expert Catherine Darley calls this a progressive relaxtion technique, and advises you curl your toes for seven seconds then relax, then repeat the method through all the muscles groups moving up your body. Do that, and set aside half an hour to read a book before bed and you might find yourself nodding off in no time.
From lifestyle changes to improving your sleeping environment, here are some ideas that may help you drift off to sleep.

Practiced properly, napping can boost our reaction time and ability to concentrate and learn.
From child behavioural issues to cognitive function to chronic illnesses developed later in life, it's all coming into focus as we become more aware of the effects of sleep deprivation. Start slow, deep breathing in the left nostril.” Just five minutes of left nostril breathing is said to lower blood pressure and calm you mentally. So in the interest of keeping you healthy, we've got five quick tricks that might help you nod off this weekend. When you are sleeping better, you will find that you have more energy throughout the day and things like aches and pains, headaches and other minor issues also start to go away. It enables one to connect with an expert in the concerned area of medicine and seek an honest and reliable advice to their problems.
Curejoy ensures that experts on its platform are 100% qualified and meet all the standards and experience in providing a genuine and quality advice. Paronett 5pts Cathy Anderson I thought of you when I read this Renu Wadhwani 5pts Thnx Ayurveda 5pts Do try it!

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