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Reuse an old plastic orange juice container, or any other container with a wider opening, to save your loose change. Reuse old plastic bread tabs to mark and organize all your electric cords behind the TV, for example.
Closing off an unused room in your home can actually cost you more in comfort and energy savings. Save water and reduce usage by taking a shower (uses 8 gallons) versus a bath (uses 21 gallons). Get rid of extra landline phone features such as caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding that are really not needed and may not be used often. Budget your vacation and bring traveler’s checks versus credit cards so there is no temptation to overspend.
Please share other smart and simple ways to save money and ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Retain empty plastic food containers instead of buying expensive freezer storage containers. Even though the prices of gasoline continuously move up, one cannot give up using cars or and opt for a public transport facility always.
Well-maintained parts and fresh oil keeps the engine in good condition and result in less consumption of gas. Save time and money by planning activities that can be accomplished in the selected travel route. You can always procure the best goods for comparatively cheap rates, only if you know where to go shopping.
If employed, opt for group insurance schemes, which are less costly, compared to individual schemes. These are difficult times and every small business (and large one) needs to find ways to save money and time without delivering less value to their customers.  Service to customers must be maintained, and product or service value is the key to continued business.  So what can you do? Great Article– We at American Folder Company understand the challenges that many office environments face each day. These questions are the tough decisions small business leaders have to make in order to grow. Amen to planning ahead (saves a lot of miles and time), using a meeting agenda (nobody likes the meeting that drags on and on, and DIY solutions (tooting my own horn, but LotusJump lets you do your own SEO). It is very necessary that you hire a well-experienced contractor who has the trusted ability to build the kind of house that you wish for your family.
The DIY is a big one, just like you pointed out even doing something as easy as taking out the trash can save you money.
A good way to save money is by switching from your contract cell phone to a prepaid cell phone. Hello friend Good Evening.I am agree with your blog opinion about that but i found something strange that i felt you did not know the main problem before you posting this so i want to ask :where do you know about this dude ?
My office has took a lot of extra precautions and stopped spending money on things that aren’t absolutely needed due to hard economic times recently.
We have enjoyed many types and sizes of boats over the years, but are new to Houseboating since buying a 34' Nautaline July 2008.
I got into houseboating right when gas was hitting the 4 dollar mark and that meant $5 at the marina. With a downturned economy and the price of just about everything rising, many people are looking for new and creative ways to save a few dollars.

Simply use a permanent marker and write on each plastic tab to identify each cord and item. The heat will continue to cook your food for several minutes without the continued power use.
An estimated 2.5 gallons of water are used when kept running x 2 brushes a day x 7 days a week x 52 weeks = 1,820 gallons WASTED!
A packet of tomato seeds equals the price of ONE tomato but can yield 20-30 plants per packet. Flying off season to a destination, flying overnight, or scheduling departures and arrivals on a Tuesday or Wednesday will cost less.
Some cable companies will turn off your cable for the week(s) you’re away on vacation. Save at the pumps and take other advantages that are extended by the government for gas-saving cars. Fix minimum trips per day, save dollars and allocate for a fun-filled holiday trip with family.
CONSOLIDATE INTO A SMART PHONE: Electronically consolidate all of your calendar, contact information, etc.
While I agree that doing tasks yourself to save money is great in many applications, it doesn’t apply to all. Not everything needs such narrow scrutiny but, just consider the effect of not being efficient — high cost, low delivery. My wife and I have already implemented my tips like these below:* Plan your trips or navigating, on your vacations and the weekends to limit any unnecessary travel. We realized that by having them bring their favorite dish for supper or BBQ, greatly reduced the yearly entertainment budget.
We live 5 hours away so we only get to go down at most once a month for as much time as possible usually a week.We usually take 35 to 40 gallons of gas and haul it down for the houseboat and if need be go to dock and get more. Since then, our Motorhome hasn't moved, our Motorcycles are only ridden to work & back, and we haven't been out-on-the-town in months.
Individuals list items for sale or free; purchasing from individuals can save a lot of money. While it is undeniable that most companies will send an email every day and most will never be read, they often contain promotional codes. Whether it is learning to sew, make soap, or cook some meals, looking to do some items by hand will save a lot of cash. These sites can save more than 50% as compared to traditionally booking a hotel room or plane flight. Common Sense with Money, Money Saving Mom, and Cha-Ching on a Shoestring are three fantastic resources to maximize savings at a traditional store. Also, hats off to #4 … I was stuck in Miami and actually ended up finding good deals through Hotwire, so using such websites can definitely help you save money. After reading your article I tried some of the tips that you gave and ended up saving lots of money.
Instead print only the text you need, save information and files electronically, reuse old paper and print on both sides if possible. From owning a dream house, to going on a romantic holiday, or to enjoy a comfortable retirement, it is money all the way. All family members should agree to switch off lights while moving from one area of the house to another.

He was President of Huffy Bicycles, Group President of Rubbermaid Office Products Group, and now serves as a Director on several corporate boards. Avoid being too impulsive as that will only lead to more work inefficiency and time wasted. A big one I recently heard is buying office furniture and putting it together, while it may be easier to buy it already assembled it’s cheaper to buy it and assemble it yourself. We only use it to charge batteries( to use power inverter) and get to a spot out on the lake and stay there for the whole time.We use our runabout for traveling around the lake and take all our food and drinks and only eat out a couple times.
When gas went down under $2, I got a trailer tray and all winter long we use the boat like a floating cabin. When planning a vacation, sign up for local deals from websites such as Groupon or Eversave. Before making a purchase online, look up reviews through basic search engine or a consumer advocacy group.
If you must use paper towels use 100% recycled paper towels which saves landfill waste, energy and water.
Spending responsibly today and smart saving for tomorrow - is the maxim that eventually prepares one to face unexpected turnarounds in life.
He has written eight business books and a novel and has been a conference keynote speaker, a radio talk-show host, and a multi-national columnist for IndustryWeek, Management Centre Europe, the American Management Association, Fortune Small Business, Tiempo de Mercadeo, and a contributor to Business – The Ultimate Resource and the Encyclopedia of Health Care Management. It can save you many hours of engine run time which translates into big money savings and engine wear.* My wife and I do many of our own maintenance and repair jobs ourselves instead of outsourcing the jobs. Hmmm, great dinner parties :)As you can see, there is plenty of simple ideas or tips that can have a big difference on your houseboating budget, it's simply a matter of applying them. Other websites, such as Freecycle, is a community of individuals who list items that are free.
We’ve saved money on employee and supply costs and got to reap the benefits of a much more efficient system. Often it is simply a matter of reading up on the project, looking in an owners or repair manual, or speaking with another boater who has experience to break it down into bit sized bits.* There's also many engine, fuel, and gas consumption tips and tricks that you can do yourself to keep your money in your wallet, instead of pouring your dollars in your fuel tank. It is a lot of work packing and taking everything, but you do what you have to do to get on the lake.
However, if one station is traditionally less expensive, it may be worth it to continue using that brand. Now that I am saving so much money I can buy things which I always wanted but could never save enough money for. As I’ve gotten my friends and family into the mindset they all email me more useful tips to try and share. It is best on the automobile to use only one to two brands or gasoline, rather than switching each time there is a fill up. One needs to be smart and use common sense while making any kind of decisions involving money.
We've downgraded the Dish TV package, are down to 1 phone, we now take lunch to work rather than buy out, and continue to look for ways to save so we can spend every weekend next summer, as well as 3 weeks vacation, on the Houseboat.

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