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The following images will show you how to write a good CV and applictaions letter that will get you noticed by employers and help to secure your first graduate job. A job application letter, also known as a cover letter, should be sent or uploaded with your resume when applying for jobs. We hope these tip will come in handy in your search for that drema job. Good luck with your job hunting mission! Get to know how to write a GOOD pilot cover letter and get hired as fast as possible (Advices of an airline pilot)!
After having seen so many letter containing mistakes and wrong things, I decided to create this book to give you all you need to build a professional pilot cover letter and I tell you why at least 50% of the job seekers will never hired unless there is a huge demand of pilot… Too many young pilots forget that their letter and resume are the only things the airlines will have to take an important decision for their own career! Since many years finding a first pilot job is far from being easy, most of the freshly trained pilot’s haves the same experience and they all apply to the same airlines!

In this book I tell you step by step how to write your cover letter. I tell you exactly how the airlines select applications and what the airlines are waiting to see in your letter. The ebook includes some pilot cover letter examples including the one I was hired with as First Officer in a Major European Airlines! You will also be able to send me your questions and cover letters via email in order to get an experienced feedback.
In this eBook I give you my cover letter I used to get invited for an assessment in a Major Airline! Buying this eBook will increase considerably you chance to get hired by providing the airlines with your best cover letter! This is the reason why you need to take the time to build your own pilot cover letter based on yourself, on your experiences but also on the airlines you are going to apply for.

It includes all you need to know in order to write and create your own cover letter with a lot of advises with examples of recommended and non recommended practices. THE GOAL IS SIMPLE: “to catch the attention of the reader in order to get called for an interview”!
In order to get yourself selected for the assessment you need to learn what the airlines wants from you!

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