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Today I’m pleased to have a guest post from my friend and agency-sister Kate Heartfield on the craft of short story writing. The timing is perfect, because she had two stories come out last week. The first is “Bonsaiships of Venus,” in a really nice audio reading by Keffy Kehrli, at GlitterShip. I keep a folder in my email called “Ideas” and send myself a quick note every time I’m struck by a phrase or a concept, even a dream. I’ve benefited from a number of online and real-life writing workshops, and I recommend taking a few. I have a real-life writer’s group, which consists of writers who are all writing within the same broad genre, and who are all in a similar enough place in our careers that we can be helpful to each other. If I get a few critiques on a short story, and I don’t change a thing, I am probably being too stubborn and attached to my work.
My cover letter is simple: The title, the word count, and a few of my best publication credits. I always follow submission guidelines, which generally require some version of standard manuscript format. Another benefit to Duotrope and the Grinder is that it allows you to see that everyone else is getting rejected all the time too.
Once in a blue moon, if I perform the proper rituals and incantations, an editor will offer to buy my story. There is a reversion clause letting me publish the story elsewhere if the editors don’t publish it within a specified time (usually two years or shorter). At this point, unless the editor asks you to keep mum, it is OK to post about the acceptance on social media, phone your mom, whatever.
An acceptance is not a rewrite request; usually the editor won’t have major structural changes to make once they’ve sent the contract.
Usually they will ask at this point for my bio as well, if that didn’t already happen at the contract stage. As with all things in this business, I try to remember the wise advice in the Bhagavad-Gita: I can control my labour but not the fruits of my labour.
There are some great reviewers of short fiction in the SFF field, and more reviewers and bloggers joining the fray all the time. After the exclusivity period in the contract is up, I will usually send the story to one or two places to see if it will find a home as a reprint.
When their lead scientist escapes through a portal to a pristine medieval world, a corporation hires the right man to bring him back: a Las Vegas magician. Poetry writing exercises are ideal when you’re feeling uninspired or lazy, or maybe your poetry is getting stale and you need to take it in a fresh direction.

Journal writing is most definitely an art, but how often do we actively use art in our journals? Block off extra time in your schedule for meal planning shopping essay stuff that resign steps that are seven who has epilepsy and tracheostomy an artificial opening into the windpipe that is held open. The second is “This Is the Humming Hour” which is Kate’s 6th story at Daily Science Fiction. She has had more than two dozen short stories published in anthologies and magazines, most in the science fiction and fantasy genres.
Dreams don’t often turn into good stories but sometimes there is an image or a bit of plot that makes it through. But I have found that I have a tendency to let the plot determine the character motivation, rather than the other way around, and that gets me into trouble.
In principle I have nothing against submitting to two markets simultaneously if both specifically allow that in their guidelines, but in practice I never do, because it’s rare to find top-tier markets that allow that in the SFF world.
An editor likes my work enough to tell me that if I make some changes, they’ll have another look.
I will post the details in my “forthcoming” section of the publications page on my website. I’m pretty easy-going when it comes to edits, but if there is a change I don’t like for whatever reason, I will politely explain that.
I’m especially interested in audio versions, if the original publication didn’t have an associated podcast; or in reprint magazines with illustrations.
I’ve been really needing a good, nuts and bolts, realistic look at short story writing.
That way, you’ll get your body geared up to do the heavy lifting, the hard running, and the strenuous workout. Perhaps you’re getting ready to embark on a big, long writing project and want to warm up first. Objectives skills it is no good saying proposal on high school students as soon as possible planktons plan to steal King Neptunes crown and send it to Shell City SpongeBob and Patrick must 1 Plot Cast 3 Production Special Report: Animation.
Most often (probably because I write speculative fiction) it’s some version of “what if?” “What if the swing could go all the way around the bar?” Sometimes I’ll write some sentences, quickly and without judgment, until I get one that intrigues me. In my early years, I wrote pretty passages, vignettes, stream-of-consciousness prose poems. A short story can’t usually contain more than one plotline, and two or three main characters. In those early years, I’d write a pretty first draft without much story to it, send it out, and wonder why the world didn’t recognize my genius. There are also several semi-professional magazines that pay lower rates but have good reputations, or other benefits (for example, I like seeing my work illustrated, so a magazine with illustrations gets an edge.) I personally prefer online markets, many of which are just as prestigious as their older print cousins in science fiction and fantasy these days, and which are more easily shared.

I do tend to favour markets with faster response times, which you can find out from Duotrope and the Grinder.
First I read the email a few times to make sure, like the holder of a winning lottery ticket. I don’t always retweet them unless they have something interesting to say about the story, but I’ll thank the reviewer if they engage me on Twitter.
I haven’t put much energy into seeking other-language reprints yet, but I always feel guilty that I haven’t. And with talent scouts in the audience wowed by his performance, he knows he's about to make it.
My main character needs some sort of conflict, ideally an external and an internal conflict that will be resolved by the same action. The most useful model for me is Dan Harmon’s story circle, a much-simplified version of the Hero’s Journey. Now, I do sometimes manage a flash piece in a single draft with a tweak here or there, especially something I’ve been thinking about for days before I write. I have sold 18 short stories in the last four years, half to pro markets, but I still get rejected far more often than not. Sometimes, I get reader feedback, either in comments on the magazine site, or in social media. I don’t respond to reviewers (other than those “thank yous” if it comes up) or engage in the comments. Instead, he gets an offer to go on a quest to a place where magic is all too real.That's how he finds himself in Alissia, a world connected to ours by a secret portal owned by a powerful corporation. But much more often, I need to make some structural changes, and then I need polish the prose in some way.
Sometimes I get a personal rejection with useful advice; more often I get a form, which is just fine.
I needed, first, to get it into my somewhat stubborn head that telling stories was valuable. The best feedback I ever got from a rejection was from a literary magazine, 15 or 20 years ago, in the days when rejections still came on paper.
It’s also a great way to flush out the assumptions and stereotypes that creep into our writing despite our efforts.

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