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Next, expand to the overall theme of the novel and draw branches or arrows outwards to potential characters, subplots, timelines and more. The most successful books and novels tend to focus on relationships and how they develop throughout the story. Specific descriptions of actions, sounds, and just about everything else empowers the reader to envision exactly what you are trying to portray. Plotters, on the other hand, create an outline of the novel before stringing sentences together.When I wrote my first novel, I pantsed my way through with just a general idea of where I was trying to get. Andremember, an outline is not cast in stone; addscenes, take out those that don’t work, orrearrange scenes for more impact.
It might seem silly, but it can help you stay focused before your imagination starts going wild! Art should reflect life, and the meaning that we draw out of life usually stems from our relationships with others.
A writing tutor will provide valuable advice, help you overcome writing roadblocks, and offer an honest critique as you’re writing your first novel. Go back and re-read your favorite novels and pay particular attention to how the author describes the story to the reader instead of telling it.
How in the world do authors get started, especially when you look at writers like Stephen King, who has written several novels of over 1,000 pages? The word could even be a simple feeling or action, that you’ll draw on as you progress through your writing. You might not use everything that you write down, but at least you’ll get the creative juices flowing and find your starting point.
As you begin writing your ideas down and brainstorming, make sure you have a strong foundation for the characters in your story and their relationships with each other. Just remember: a student is usually only as good as his teacher, so seek out a writing tutor whose work you enjoy and who emulates the type of writer you want to be. Then, re-read your work and think about where you can expand it, add in more twists, or do more character development. Start at the beginningBefore you start plotting, you’ve got to know where you’re starting from.

Writing short stories is a great exercise to practice anytime you want to get some words out, but don’t have a ton of time to commit. You might stimulate your brain enough during these activities to come up with the idea that you were looking for. Take the time to flesh out your premise, from your key characters to the world they inhabit. It’ll make the task of writing your first novel less intimidating and facilitate the writing process, since you can go back and draw on the plots and characters you already created in your mind. When you start plotting, it can help to have a sense of how you want the story to resolve.3.
Or, start at the endIf you’re not sure where to start, starting at the end may be a good alternative. Many writers recommend this method of working your way backward through a story to get the creative juices flowing.4.
Find the tentpole momentsOnce you’ve got your starting point nailed (or, your end point), a good next step is to identify the key plot points that define the big picture of your novel. Flesh out those details chapter by chapter.To Outline a Novel or Not to OutlineWe all have our own ways to getting the writing done. Some of us naturally tend toward pantsing, while others prefer to plan out their plots first.Regardless of which we come to naturally, it might not be the way that works best.
Carrie Lynn LewisZachary,The key is to try different methods and combinations of methods until you find the one that works for you. The method that works best for me leans more toward plotting, but there can also be a significant amount of pantsing as I get acquainted with the characters.What I might suggest for your specific difficulties is to develop characters and plan your story at the same time. Both have to be the absolute best you can make them in order for your story to work and connect with readers.
I sometimes feel I wrote well but then I got to re writeEven in plotting this is bound to happen but I feel it would be cool to try out the plotting concept as I am yet to try it and I have a couple of ideas which I can elaborate through plotting techniques given.Thanks emy Rhonda WalkerVery Interesting. Currently I am involved in what might be called short stories, and I might have run across (as protagonists) a couple of Damon Runyan Rejects. Although I have been 100% punster on my current novel, I am starting to feel the effects of it. Of course I plan to catch it, according to my plot, but the Rabbit suddenly takes a turn and I’m suddenly pantsing down the Rabbit Hole. I especially love the parts where I get surprised with what I have written, and if its good but I still want it to conform with the plot, the universe shall aspire to bring them together.

I sort of compare it to dominoes in that once one idea or character comes, the rest comes right after until my stream of consciousness is laid out in whichever way the last domino is pointing.However, I did have to revise and plan somewhat before I was able to finish my first novel earlier this year.
With that, I actually started with a character and then created an antagonist based off what I envisioned that character’s morals were. I think that knowing the goals is the main point, because it is the problem of a lot of young writers, they want to write about everything and forget that there should be the main idea. One time i had to help with writing extended essay to the friend of mine, and in the first variant he has showed me he had such a mistake.
I make a few hasty notes to remind myself of interesting bits to add, but mostly my creativity works best before falling asleep. When I sit to type, I elaborate and insert the hasty notes I’ve jotted down along the way. My worst point is getting halfway through the story, putting it aside because of an unavoidable distraction, and taking it up weeks later. I’ve just been first writing off the top of my head, then trying to hone and refine (learning that more) one section at a time. I started one and am in the middle of that—finding out planning might be a better way to go. I’m so happy to be able to get some advice from experienced writers as well as newbies liike me. What changed my mind the most was not being able to easily finish anything I didn’t outline in advance. Plus, having an outline allows me to finish drafts faster, which means I get more writing (and therefore more practice) done in general. I use Excel extensively for timelines (which I’ve found are one of the most critical points for keeping things straight). I’ve approached writing as a pantser and for me it only works to a point until I get bogged done in the background story and the lives of the major characters.
I also believe that while character profiling is important, if nothing significant happens (events), you have no story, so in my mind, plot and characterization are equally important. I wrote a rough draft, went to my notebook and manually wrote out an outline, and between the 2, doing editing.

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