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Know that awful feeling when you reach the end of a great series? Well, don’t panic, here’s a whole heap of old-but-awesome fantasy series to discover!
Because I’ve been reading fantasy for, oh, well, way too long to count, I thought it would be fun to set out some options based on some old and new series.
The Belgariad is a five-volume fantasy series, featuring good versus evil, wicked gods and powerful magicians. At the beginning of the stories Garion is a young unknown, but as the reader continues through the books his exciting backstory is gradually revealed. The Belgariad feels like real seat of the pants adventure – Garion didn’t really understand what was happening to him, so neither did I, as the reader.
David Eddings and his wife, Leigh Eddings, went on to write a number of other series, including The Mallorean, the sequel to The Belgariad, so if you do get hooked on this series there are plenty of other books to go on to. When I read that Maggie Stiefvater listed Cooper as among her favourite authors, I wasn’t surprised; if you’ve read The Dark is Rising you can certainly see the similarities. The Dark is Rising is a good versus evil story, set in Cornwall and Wales, and tells the story of Will, the last of the Old Ones, born into a mysterious order. The whole sequence is creepy and exciting and full of references to King Arthur and the Grail. If you’re into celtic mythology and adventure, The Dark is Rising is an absolute must-read.
The Earthsea Cycle is world-building at its best; the detailed world of Ged and Tenar is immersive and exciting. Witch Week takes place over Halloween week at Larwood House, a horrible boarding school that’s home to many witch-orphans (children whose parents were burnt for witchcraft). The Riddle-Master series is noteable not only for its world-building and strong female protagonists, but for the beauty of its writing. The Merlin Trilogy follows Merlin, the bastard grandson of a minor Welsh King, who has a gift for seeing things that others cannot. The Merlin Series was made into a TV series by the BBC (entitled Merlin of the Crystal Cave). Here I post about all things fantasy and give tips on writing a book based on my experience.

This depends whether you are writing for you own gratification or whether you want to make money.
The series follows Garion, a scullery-lad from the country and his mysterious Aunt Polgara in their search for the missing Orb of Aldur. When The Belgariad first came out, I haunted the library for weeks, just desperate for the next in the series, and had my name on all the pre-order lists.
I still remember the amazement, the OMG moment when finally I realised what was actually happening. Eddings developed an enormous cast of characters, and each person is so believable that you really feel you know them; they each have their own foibles and way of speaking.
Although The Dark is Rising is slower-paced than Stiefvater’s work and doesn’t have any cars (plus its first book, Over Sea and Under Stone, is written for a younger audience), the settings feel way more evocative. On his eleventh birthday, Midwinter Day, Will learns why a strange man is following him, and why he has to keep his family safe. This book has always been my favourite of the series, so much so that I worked in Wales primarily so I could see the area she describes in her books! It’s really aimed at children around ten to say fourteen, but older kids will still enjoy it. Set in Earthsea, a world made of sea and archipelagos, the stories follow the adventures of Ged, a wizard of Earthsea, and Tenar, a priestess. Most of the class of 2Y are terrified that they will become witches – but some welcome the idea of magic. Born with three stars on his forehead and the ability to solve riddles, Morgon doesn’t care about destiny or matters of state; all he wants to do is study riddle-mastery.
Set in Britain of the fifth century, the story takes place against the ruins of the Roman empire, where the crumbling remains of towers battle with memories of the old gods and their druid priests. In The Merlin Trilogy, the settings interweave myth with magic, but they’re underpinned by historical fact. Stewart was also a prolific writer of romantic suspense, so if you enjoy a range of genres there’s more books to read.
My three main books form a trilogy called the Prophecy of the Kings, a Gold Award Winning book, and I've also written Drachar's Demons.

I still think, even now, that The Belgariad has one of the best cast of characters in any series.
Throughout the sequence Will is aided by Merlion (Merlin) and three children: Barney, Simon and Jane. It’s rare to find books that celebrate musicality in children – I still remember the excitement when I realised I wasn’t the only musical weirdo in the world! I ended up setting my first book, A Necklace of Souls, in Angelsea partly because of Cooper’s The Grey King. In 1990 Le Guin released Tehanu, the fourth in the cycle, and more recently, a number of short-stories. When reading Earthsea, you really feel as though you’re walking through a market or sailing across the sea. Wynne Jones had the most amazing storytelling gift; she told stories of magic and multiple worlds and her extraordinary characters simply bounced from the pages.
Unfortunately for Morgon, the biggest riddle he must solve is himself.The characters, Morgon and his fiancee, Raederle of An, develop in unexpected ways through the series. There’s an ever-present threat of danger running through the novels; the Norse invaders, the new Christian religion and the death of a once-great civilization. Stewart must have gone to great lengths to ensure the stories are accurate – even small details like the hypocaust systems of roman villas are so well described that the reader could almost be there. This trilogy was the other reason I lived in Wales! Stewart did something similar in The Merlin Trilogy; a great deal of the work is based on the History of the Kings of Britain, a medieval work by Geoffrey of Monmouth. They’re set in many different worlds but they all feature Chrestomanci, a powerful enchanter with an allergy to silver and a highly developed dress sense.

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