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As you read in this week’s Testimonial Tuesday, pictures and letters can have a huge impact on a birth mother and can help her heal and feel reassured of her decision long after her baby is born and placed for adoption.
Since we began coordinating pictures and letters agreements in the last decade or so, American Adoptions has seen a trend toward more openness in adoption and has completed a vast number semi-open adoptions (ones in which pictures and letters are exchanged) and many adoptions with even greater levels of openness.
We sat down with Michelle, who handles pictures and letters for our agency and who is also a birth mother herself (read her story here), to ask for tips and advice for pictures and letters packages. For your child’s birthday month, send some photos from the birthday celebration but also include some photos that are from other occasions as well.
Include pictures not just of the child by themselves, but also with grandparents, cousins or friends. If your child’s birth mother sends an outfit or toy, it can be a meaningful gesture to send a photo of the child wearing the outfit or playing with the toy. Consider giving your child’s birth mother a scrapbook to fill with things each time you send a pictures and letters package. Even if your agreement only specifies sending photos once a year after your child’s first couple years, remember it’s ok to send packages more often!
Let your child’s birth mother know that she is being talked about and that adoption is being talked about. Revan Belmonte was born on December 18, 2999 to Maria Belmonte and Giovani Belmonte (Jupiter's disguise while on earth at the time). Revan proceeded to make his way through the dark forest, where he was nearly killed by a bear. For ten years Revan lived in the Urals, learning the mountains like the back of his hand- every crevice, every passage, ever cliff hold. He is seen as handsome by many women, yet he strays far from females, as his sole priority in life is to complete his jobs and follow his destiny. Daggers: The dagger is the inconic weapon of the Rebels, even having been incorporated into their insignia. Wrist Launcer: The wrist launcher, designed and created by the United States of America, was designed to clear caverns and the rocky mountain passages of the Urals during World War Russia (3020-3031). Grappling Line: Known as "the Tarzan" by the Rebels, the grappling line was designed by Revan Belmonte when he first equiped it onto his wrist launcher. Hand-to-Hand Combat: Revan is skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as multiple styles of martial arts such as karate, judo, tai quan do, and tai chi.
Melee Combat: Revan is skilled with his trust war club, as well as his twin dagges Lumen and Nox. Physical Attributes (Human): Living in the harsh Ural Mountains of Russia strenghtens a young man, as it did Revan Belmonte. Physical Attributes (Demigod):  Let us not forget that Revan Belmonte is the son of the mighty Jupiter, the Roman king of the Gods. Flight Instinct: Flight Instinct is a gift bestowed upon the children of Jupiter that allows them to control portions of the Master Bolt. Computer Knowledge: Revan is very smart and very knowledgeable and, though he has know education, he knows his way around technology. It’s important for a birth mother to visualize her child doing a variety of activities. Many families even do this at the hospital or when they first meet the birth mother to demonstrate their commitment to the relationship and their promise to send pictures and letters.
Some birth mothers really like them, but others like having hard copy photos to frame as they choose or to carry in their wallet and close to their hearts.
If your child is still quite young, share how you can’t wait till he or she is old enough that you can share their adoption story with them. Keep your child’s birth mother engaged by asking what she liked to do at that age or by asking her if her talents or interests are the reason your child is so musical, athletic, interested in science, etc.
Let him or her see that you have kept an open relationship with your child’s birth parents.
Explain that you want to share those items with your child or put them in a special adoption keepsake book.

If becoming Facebook friends and sharing pictures through social media seems too invasive, consider setting up a flickr or shutterfy account.
But she can also say that regardless of their communication back to you, birth mothers are grateful and excited to receive pictures and letters packages. At the age of 10, Revan's mother and older (mortal) half-brother Marcos were brutally murdered infront of him while he hid under the sheets. Escaping only by bludgeoning the bear to death with his warclub, Revan began followed a light that appeared infront of him, sent down by Jupiter from the heavens.
He survived on mountain herbs and the meat of roaming wolves and moose that wandered the harsh mountains.
His hair is a shadowy black, matching his deep, dark brown eyes that add to his mysterious aura. Used for stealth and assassination, the dagger is quicker than a club and stealthier than a gu Lumen and Nox side by side.
The design promised the wearer to be able to fire sticky and contact grenades over far distances. The first shipment of prototype wrist launchers was sent over to Russia at the start of WWR, but it was ambushed upon arrival in Wrist Launcher Moscow by the Russian military. Manufactured and created to shoot through the walls, the Skorpian comes fitted with an X-ray scope and molescule bullets made through the use of nanotechnology. Nano-gloves and boots, created by Revan himself, were designed using nanotechnology to scale the sides of mountains and cliffs with ease. However, he has been known to use anything to his advantage, including swords, axes, and other sharp, melee weapons. Skilled with sniper rifles, pistols, and sub-machine guns, Revan is also a skilled knife and axe thrower, and is a master of the bow and crossbow. Years of training and living in dangerous environments with all sorts of obstacles have heightened Revan's 5 senses, as well as strengthened his body.
Having godly blood benifits well, giving Revan battle hardened instincts and the ability to read Latin near fluently. He can craft almost anything, espically with the help of someone such as a son or daughter of Hephaestus or Vulcan.
If you only send the five to ten photos that we require, please make sure they’re on time.
Help illustrate that with photos of family, friends, school and community, not just the child alone. Say how you’re preparing to talk about adoption, especially if you have something special like a book or quilt or other keepsake. If your child is nervous, let him or her know how nervous you were when you met your child’s birth mother for the first time. Many families keep exact copies of the pictures and letters they send to their child’s birth mom in their own scrapbook to show that they kept the line of communication open and to remind themselves of the special milestones they have shared with his or her birth family. You can password protect your photos and only allow access for your family and your child’s birth family. The attackers were enemies of his father Giovani whom, after the attack, revealed himself and his true heritage to the young boy. The light led Revan from Moscow to the Ural Mountains, a place dangerous for any humans in the harsh, blizzard filled winter. The many thin white scars that line his body portray and explain his many battles and field work, as does the tiny red scar above his left eye. The Russians, having the technology to upgrade and manufacture items, developed a newer, better version of the American wrist launcher, addiding an AI targeting system known as Apollo. Revan, gaining a wrist launcher as a reward for a succesful mission, upgraded his wrist launcher further to fire shock charges, poisonous darts, and shoot a grappling line, as well as develop a system where he could attach his dagger(s) to his wrist launchers- which would later become a signature trait of the higher ranking members of the Rebellion. Revan carries a gunstock warclub (named rightly so for its similar appearance to the gunstocks of rifles and bayonets of the Amercian Colonization period). The sleek, black bullets are made from Mercurian Ore and are so small that they can pass through walls undetected, yet remain lethal and deal the damage of a large musket cartridge.
Through nanotech, the gloves have been fitted with a glue-like fiber that allows the wearer to stick to any solid surface.

The grappling line deploys from the top of the wrist launcher, and with the flick of the wrist it shoots out. If not controlled properly, the lightning can fry the demigod's brain or vaporize them to a pile of ash (this has happened many times).
Giovani (or Jupiter) warned Revan that this was the beggining of his destiny, and that the men who had murdered his brother and mother were in fact God Hunters, a clan of mortal men who grudged against the gods for not giving them immortality long ago. In the year 3019, Revan Belmonte (now 20 years old) ventured down the mountain towards the city of Moscow- his old home- and witnessed as it was raided and bombed by the Russian Military.
His hands are quite large, allowing him to grip weapons tightly, and his legs are well toned, as with the rest of his body.
Choosing to keep his attitude in check and rely only on his battle instincts and order, Revan buries his emotions deep within, never daring to release them for fear of wavering from his mental path. The Apollo system allows the targeter to bring up a digital cross hair upon their wrist launcher, which allows for easier targeting and launching. He retrieved it from the mantle above his fire place, right before his child hood home was blown to bits by a God Hunter war head. Known by some Rebels as the Spider-Man Gloves, Revan uses these when he climbs the harsh cliffs of the Urals.
However, when controlled properly, Flight Instinct can change the tide of battle or even wipe out a battalion of BOLDR tanks. Michelle says that, in her experience, girls seem to become curious about adoption before boys. This handprint hug craft is also neat and could show your child’s birth mother just how big your child’s hug is!
The God Hunters, Jupiter explained, had been thriving for centuries through out history, untilt hey were defeated harshly in the year 2012. When Revan accesses his Flight Instinct, his eyes turn a bright shade of electric blue, and then proceed to become a thick, blood red. Many rebels carry these prized weapons in straps, possibly on their sides or on their boots. He is very fast as well as very strong, however not strong enough to take down a group of 20 armed guards. Jupiter continued, telling Revan that this was the return of "Hell on earth" and that he must leave now, before he- one of the last demigods of Russia- were blown to bits.
Some members even choose to carry daggers in other places, such as in their hair (i.e as pins used to hold buns or pony tails up) or in their pockets.
Revan, still in the darkness about the concept of gods and death, retrieved his great-great-grandfather's gunstock warclub from the mantle above his family's fire place.
However, the highest ranking members of the Rebellion carry their daggers in small wrist mounted holsters, usually attached to their wrist launcers. Crafted from black Plutonian Iron, the iconic warclub is (of course) shaped like a gunstock.
Escaping from their manor, Revan watched in horror by the lake as his house was burned and blown to smitherines by a Russian God Hunter war head. Revan has a set of dual daggers, which he holsts in the two wrist launchers on his left and right arms. The left dagger, named Nox (Night in Latin), is made of black Plutonian Steel and the right dagger, named Lumen (Light in Latin) is made of white Olympian Iron.
In Revan's hands however, they have been upgraded and tweaked to send out small, sonic frequency waves. Upon tapping a small switch at the base of his strapped daggers, they will realase silent sonar-like waves that can detect heart beats, thermal energy, and movement. Skilled marskmen and markswomen, such as Revan, have honed their skills to where they can eject their daggers and throw them as projectiles.

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