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DON’T MISS MY BLOG with twice-weekly posts.  Also featuring INTERVIEWS with other best-selling AUTHORS! From the beginning, Common Industry's mission was to build an independent communications company. Creativepool’s Annual Creative Industry Report, in partnership with creative digital recruitment specialists, IC Creative & Serendipity, surveyed over 2,500 industry professionals. Our 2016 Annual came with a new accolade: The Influencer of the Year, where Creativepool honour the individuals within the industry that have surpassed expectations and impacted the market in 2015 and beyond. I guess you know you're an advertising geek when you spend time spotting which actor is currently doing the voice-over on which spot for which brand.
The first time I booted up Super Mario Maker last Thursday evening (yes I got it a day early because it transpires Amazon are just THAT reliable) I was immediately struck by just how intuitive it was. The executive leadership team from GSD&M and the founders of multicultural ad agency LatinWorks announced this week the exciting launch of Sibling, an integrated creative and media agency with a decidedly multicultural DNA. The answer to the headline question is simple; they both appear in groundbreaking new campaigns, with one starring in a campaign for an international airline, and the other starring in a campaign for a 90-year-old fashion brand. The Creativepool Team believe it’s time for the creative industry to have an End of Summer Bash: Pool Party 2014!
Many Creativepool readers are already well into their career, but it's clear a fair few are just starting out, possibly still seeking their first gig. Ask an employer what he or she would prefer; a candidate with three years real experience, or a graduate straight out of university, and they are likely to say that they would like a degree educated candidate with three years experience.
This summer, mobile network Three is looking to shake up the industry in a big way by rallying the British public to unite against typical network gripes, with a little help from Jim Henson's Creature Shop! The 54th D&AD Professional Awards Ceremony took place Thursday night (19 May) in London, where two Black Pencils were awarded; the highest accolade in the creative industry.

This firefighters mask by the Design Reality consultancy has been redesigned and engineered with the aim of enabling wearers to avoid danger and save victims more quickly. Visionaries with brains of creative gold often have one thing in common: flurries of ideas but an inability to set one down and bring it to life with a focused mind. If you're a habitual listener of local radio, you may have noticed something troubling in recent years.
With some generic household materials, a few spare bits of electronic gear and a decent amount of spare time you can build your own phone-controlled BB8 droid for around $120. Vasilisa Forbes is a fashion photographer and video editor, who's also the brains behind the #WaxChick project. Just over a week ago, a two-minute film called 'Say No To Spec' was released onto the web and has become a viral sensation.
Make sure dialogue moves along plot; it should be to reveal character, reveal plot, or add to the drama. Ethnicity or nationality (this is arguable) if you’d like to leave it a mystery do so.
This post is basically just a list of things Fallout 3 and 4 did wrong and Fallout: New Vegas did right. I know it can be a nightmare to dig through our tags and see all those asks and not the guides.
One 2015 study showed that a third of UK adults are routinely looking for discounts when shopping online - that’s up almost half from the year before. Creativepool’s private Pool Party kicked off on Thursday night on the Croisette, and we were delighted to co-host with them. If I spend another meeting listening to someone harp on about a new strapline when they actually mean a headline I shall go bananas.

The excitement of a trip to the silver screen to experience thrills, romance, adventure or intrigue has been slowly erased by the banal, sterile environment of the multiplex.
You might have seen her billboards popping up around London, or caught her speaking at the ICA.
Of course, in the age of social media, the chances of anyone saying nothing at all is very slim indeed. If they’re so in love or fated enemies we should be able to see it in their interactions. We should be able to decide as readers if a character is beautiful by how they’re described. But it might help if we know if your character blends in to the background or sticks out like a sore thumb. We shall sneak into these writers’ special places, be a fly on the wall and watch them create!
A missing family member is a very urgent mission and would seem odd and unrealistic if somebody who has a missing family member decides to stop and do completely unrelated stuff instead. To save time, you should write the actor entering from the same side as they exited (when possible) to save the time it would take for them to hurry to the other side of the stage.
We should know how they smile, the pitch of their voice, how they carry themselves, how they move. It not only makes you look lazy and inconsiderate for your own writing, it makes you look inconsiderate to your readers.

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