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While this method is frowned upon by many of the FIFA community, it’s a great way of making a lot of money. The number of players usually drops late at night and as a result there are a large number of cards that are not bid on. One of the most important things I learned at GRI many years ago was how to create and implement a Sphere of Influence (SOI).
Social networks also provide an outstanding platform to engage your SOI, and the budget impact is almost zero.
Having and working an SOI has been a major key to the success I’ve enjoyed in each of my businesses; without it, my career would have been diminished. You have our permission to share this article with your friends, and thank you for your support of the blog! While there is a lot of advice on the internet and books, most of the tips given don’t work. There are also very many cards that have very low bids.You should take advantage of this by bidding low during the night and then selling the cards during the day when there are many players.
This group could include family, friends, business associates, neighbors, and people you’ve known for a considerable period of time, as well as people you’ve just met. These could be “let’s have a cup of coffee or lunch” type visits, or they could be a visit connected to a meeting of some type. Please know that 4 calls and 2 visits would work just as well as would 3 visits and 3 calls.
In addition, social networks provide an excellent opportunity to grow your SOI because of the number of people involved and the possibilities these networks present to grow your contacts. Much of the effectiveness of a SOI is found in continuously adding new people to the list and deleting those that have not been effective, so be sure to review your list on a regular basis. No worries, it’s easy to use a theme to add personality into a space…the hardest part is deciding what theme to show off. You should find a player who is BIN (buy it now) and bid at a low price.When bidding, you should look for players that have a bid start price of 150.
It’s also wise to sell the cards on weekends when there are many people to play the games. This blog is written to encourage those who don’t have an SOI to get one, and for those who have one to work it as a source of income.

It could include a person you just got acquainted with at a sporting event and someone you sat next to at church. All the database software programs I’ve seen work well, so just find one you like and can afford (Microsoft Outlook is one many agents use and for which you can get much help and advice). The subject matter in the mailings should be 99% real estate, since that’s what you want them to know about you and share with others. As I’ve mentioned before, monthly newsletters can be very effective and provide a good platform for sharing information. However, it’s my opinion that social networks do not replace a database program as a communication and record-keeping tool, so be sure not to neglect one in favor of the other. Many successful agents have a Happy Birthday system for their SOI, and it’s effective, if the Happy Birthday function on Facebook is any indication! The administrative functions of having a SOI can be managed by an administrative assistant, and this should be one of their primary functions. An SOI is not generic to the real estate business by any means, but it is generic to developing an aggressive referral business—and you cannot talk about referrals unless you also talk about a Sphere of Influence.
It could include people who have never owned a home and people who have owned a hundred or more. Some people start by just making a list on a legal pad, others start with 3×5 cards, and others put them directly in a My List file on their computers.
You should be able to include the personal information of a contact such as address, employer, family members, and other contact information.
Monthly newsletters sent electronically or as a direct mail piece can be extremely effective.
The choice of visit or call is driven somewhat by the situations and circumstances: I have contacts that I only email and see and don’t call, and others that I only call.
Some agents do more events than visits, and this can be very effective if you have the time and means.
It’s much less expensive to make contacts electronically, and it’s not hard to accomplish with most people. The value of knowing and communicating with these people is not necessarily having them as a customer, but also developing a relationship with them so they will tell OTHER people about you and what you do.
It doesn’t matter how you start, but please know that you will never finish, as this list is a continuous Add & Delete!

Also, you should be able to record real estate information such as the value of their home and a description of what they are looking for (if they are a prospect to buy or sell).
In my opinion calling and seeing are equal in effectiveness, so choose what works best for you and the specific contact. The key is to engage your sphere in many activities to increase the odds of getting a referral, a sale, or a listing. It also allows you to provide links to your website, increasing your website traffic and your income at the same time.
Many agents distribute seasonal gifts such as pumpkins, calendars, notepads, etc., with great success, and these can be very effective in helping you to attain “top of mind” recognition.
Paul Real Estate BlogThe great housing market crashMany people seem to have recovered from the great recession and the crash of the housing market, but there are many who have not recovered.
These five easy tips for setting up and working your SOI will definitely get the people you know talking about you! You add people you meet and know and delete those you’ve had in the list for a while that you don’t think will ever give you a referral or a listing or become a buyer client. All of your SOI members should be included in an SOI category or list so you can easily contact them as a group.
Without calls and visits, an SOI becomes a mailing list, which for the most part is very ineffective and, in most cases, a waste of time. Understand that this is not a social list, but a business list: the purpose is to either sell them something, sell something for them, or to get a referral from them. Your overall SOI list should contain a hundred or more names—and it could be much larger than that!
Most adults read two or more blogs per week, so you can distinguish yourself by having a blog, particularly since blogs have been accepted as a reliable source of information by most adults.

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