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With placebos (“I will please” in Latin), the mere expectation that treatment will help brings a diminution of symptoms, even if the patient is given a sugar pill.
As for Wi-Fi syndrome, a recent analysis of forty-six studies involving nearly twelve hundred volunteers concluded, similarly, that the signals do not cause the symptoms. The same week, Prevention published a story that says if you think you are stressed, it is just as bad for your health as actually being stressed. According to a new study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, researchers analyzed six studies to see how thinking you are stressed affects your heart.

Win a Family Getaway to Vermont’s Green Mountains, Care of Smugglers’ Notch Vermont and Zoo New England! For thirty years, New England families have spent summers at northern Vermont’s peaceful Smugglers’ Notch, enjoying all this adventure-laden resort tucked away in the Green Mountains has to offer. Both have a mind over matter angle, in that we can actually think ourselves into having diseases, conditions, and side effects to drugs, even if we are taking a placebo. Participants were asked to self-report intense, frequent feelings of stress and then they were followed for 14 years to see if they were diagnosed with, hospitalized, or died from coronary heart disease. Is this a bunch of “The Secret” mumbo-jumbo or is there really a mind-body connection that is greater than we could imagine? We reserve the right to remove impersonators or personal attacks, threats, profanity, or flat-out offensive comments.

In clinical drug trials, people often report the side effects they were warned about, even if they are taking a placebo. What they found: Participants who reported high levels of stress had a 27 percent higher risk of developing coronary heart disease. So were they really stressed or just thinking they were stressed?
In research on fibromyalgia treatments, eleven per cent of the people taking the equivalent of sugar pills experienced such debilitating side effects that they dropped out.

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