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Teachers can integrate graphic design into their classrooms to facilitate instruction and to prepare students for success. You can empower your students to create their own positive affirmations by creating inspirational posters from templates in Canva.
Schools are adding drawing and design skills to curricula in order to enable students to think critically. Internalizing these questions prepares students to communicate with a level of visual sophistication that will carry them through the visually-dependent world of education and beyond. Infographics is an example of a powerful modern way to enhance critical thinking and communication.
You can choose from a range of Canva’s templates to find creative applications of traditional math, science and language concepts.

Hands on design allows them to connect with the message and understand the power of using visuals to inspire others.
Canva’s library of infographic templates gives students the confidence to start designing while putting to the test their critical thinking skills. It breaks through the noise--for example, consider the difference between immigration statistics and one picture of a dead Syrian baby. You can take it one step further by asking them to share their graphics on social media, an action that encourages engagement and accountability. We’re wired to rely on these cues to understand the world and to use visual content to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Projects spaces with visual work sprawled across walls delight, inspire, and encourage your students.

Visual memory prompts are powerful and help you empower students to increase their capacity to absorb knowledge. All of us at Canva hope you can use them to inspire the next generation of successful students.

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