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So, here are some analogies to help you comprehend your husband’s frustrating and mystifying behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Note: sometimes it’s the woman who thinks and acts these ways, so this can help you understand a female partner as well. Here is a list of get well wishes and messages to help you get your creative juices flowing when you have a loved one feeling under the weather and are not sure what to write them in their time of need.
I Miss You Messages for Husband: Rekindle the romance in your married lives by letting your hubby know how much you are missing him when he is not around.
2) My world becomes monochrome when I hug you goodbye in the morning until you return home in the evening when it becomes colorful again.
7) Please request your boss to put an extra chair on your desk so that I can come to your office and ward off stares from all your pretty colleagues. 9) Every time you are away, the family misses its provider, your children miss their father and I miss my soul mate. 10) Watching the rain outside the window makes me feel like calling you back from work and snuggling up with you in a blanket while sipping on a hot cuppa. 12) I frown when I start missing you… but then I start smiling when I realize that you must be missing me too. 17) From dark purples to dull blues, my world is immersed in the saddest of hues, when I’m missing you. 18) The sun doesn’t need a reason to shine, the moon doesn’t need a reason to glow, the stars don’t need a reason to twinkle… and I don’t need a reason to miss my husband. 19) Missing you makes me feel sad and alone, but it also reminds me how lucky I am to be married to the most handsome man I have ever known.
22) Our lives are the perfect example of the phrase ‘you can’t have the cake and eat it too’.

23) I hate your boss, I hate your colleagues and I hate your office, because they call get to spend more time with you than I do.
25) I wish you wouldn’t leave me like this all alone, it’s the most painful feeling I’ve ever known.
28) I am down with a fever called Missing You which can only be cured by heavy doses of Hugs and Cuddles with my Husband. 30) Even all the heartbreak songs in the world put together cannot describe how much I miss you.
33) All the women who believe that puppy love exists only in teeny romances, obviously have never been married to such an adorable husband like you.
34) I’m looking at the night sky and all I see is a dark and blank canvas, waiting to be lit up with your hugs and kisses. 35) Missing you makes me feel thankful to be married to a man who is a wonderful father to my children and the hottest husband to me. 36) It’s not that I don’t know WHY I MISS YOU… it’s just that I don’t know HOW TO PUT IT IN WORDS. 39) I should have put a clause in our marriage contract which would have legally forced you to take a break from work every few hours, to come and give me a hug. 40) Spending time away from you makes me feel like a car without wheels – stuck on life’s highway at the mercy of oncoming traffic.
Like, really, understand them, not just saying you understand while you secretly think he sucks. Your husband then bakes you some brownies and right when you’re about to eat one, he rips it out of your mouth and sets fire to the remaining brownies. I’m lucky to be married to a man as handsome as you, but what’s the point when I have to be away from you?

At least they get to spend their day working alongside the most handsome man in the whole world. The doctor said that it is an involuntary reflex that starts immediately when you step out of the home. When you visit them it is always good idea to have some get well soon card, with heartfelt get well soon quotes and wishes. Like a rainbow without colors, like poetry without rhyme… being away from you are my life’s darkest times. All I can do is sit and think about all the beautiful memories… hoping to relive them when you’re back.
That is the time we feel totally helpless and need to look for our friends and relatives for support.
If he is leaving home for a business trip, slip a greeting card or a mushy handwritten note in his jacket pocket.
These little things will go a long way in making him realize how you crave to be in his arms. A husband and wife’s marriage may be bogged down by kids, in-laws, mortgage payments, jobs and busy routines… but that should stop a couple from embracing the innocence of love, the way it was intended to be.

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