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Based on a quantity of 100 cards, the “Starting At” price reflects the lowest price per piece for this particular product.
Default Product Specifications or our Designer Recommended Settings are chosen by our in-house designers and represent a combination of features well suited for this product. Modern white lettering and a contemporary flower design are the focus of this textured-look turquoise card designed to express your thinking of you message to that special someone.

This “Thinking of You” card can be used for a variety of occasions, including Birthday, Sympathy, and Get Well.
This simple and thoughtful card is perfect for use anytime you just want someone to know they are in your thoughts.
The card is blank inside and we chose not to personalize it, which allows us to customize it as we need.

We use it for occasions of sympathy, get well, and the general need to "recognize" someone who needs a lift during a difficult time.

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