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He first rosed to fame in 2007, when he released biggest hits like Acceptable In The 80’s and The Girls, which appear on his first debut album titled I Created Disco. He had top five UK hit songs that include Ready For The Weekend, Flashback and You Used To Hold Me. I would describe Calvin Harris’s music as dance electro pop, with a blend of house music and nu disco elements and influences. In an industry and city over saturated with aspiring hip?hop stars, Omar LinX has created something distinctive and powerful, which is sure to contribute to his success. Boyinaband is the pseudonym and YouTube channel of producer, vlogger and rapper David Brown.

Originally the song was a bootleg remix of Kanye West’s "Bound 2", released by Sigma in January 2014 for free download. The world experienced a major loss with the passing of David Robert Jones, aka David Bowie. Get ready for a new witty comedy on E4 that will leave you dying of laughter non – stop; it goes by the name of Chewing Gum. Calvin Harris’s album titled 18 Months and the 18 Months Delux Edition is available on iTunes . Currently world leaders are attempting to stimulate the global economy by borrowing money and giving it to banks.

Thinking About You is a feel-good dance track, with a pretty decent beat, and the vocals from Ayah Marar will not disappoint.

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