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As mentioned above you can fry these in some peanut oil until nice and crispy (ideal) but they can also be baked with no oil at all - they don't get as golden and crispy that way but still taste great. Spread the sesame seeds onto a plate and place a patty on pressing the seeds in lightly, repeat on the other side.
Heat a little peanut oil in a frying pan and cook the patties for 3-4 mins each side until golden and heated through. Here is a fantastic collection of alphabet coloring pages — let Elmo, Zoe and the gang teach the children the 26 letters! A for Acorn, B for Book (and Big Bird), C for Cake (and Cookie Monster!), D for Dance (and Dracula), E for Eagle (and Elmo), and F for Flower. S for Strawberry, T for Tree, U for Umbrella, V for Violin, W for Watermelon, X for X-ray, Y for Yo-yo, Z for Zebra! The new Taylor Lautner movie Abduction is already out in the US and is set to be released in the UK on September 28 and fans are in for a treat.
Unfortunately for Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner, he gets upstaged by the eyebrows of co star Lily Collins as they seemed to have a role of their own.
Abduction is flawed from beginning to end, especial when you consider that nobody is ever actually abducted in Abduction.

Now he has tried to move on and it looks as though this actor will always be in movies where he takes his top off. Talking of Sesame Street, you would be forgiven for thinking Sesame Street is actually mystery thriller after watching the predictable Abduction.
Abduction is worth watching if only to make fun of the over acting eyebrows of Lily Collins but if you are hoping for a good action thriller you will be bitterly disappointed.
Chickpeas are processed with garlic, chilli, ginger, spring onions, lime, soy sauce and crunchy peanut butter.
Add the rest of the ingredients and process until it all just comes together, it should have the texture of thick peanut butter. There is even a scene when Lily is tied up and there is no explanation as to how she escaped, other than her eyebrows must have saved her. Then there is Taylor’s acting, which has always been questioned in Twilight but he has been able to get away with it due to the enormity of the franchise. As Abduction goes on you will find yourself wondering who it is these eyebrows remind you of. Also, if anyone was to make a live action movie about Bert and Ernie then they would be wise to cast Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner.

Even the die hard and clued in Taylor Lautner fans do not approve and Abduction only receives a 3.8 rating on IMDb. I've thrown in some breadcrumbs to help bind then they are coated in sesame seeds before frying, baking OR grilling - nice and versatile! And while the movement of them is reminiscent of Carlo Ancelotti, it is in fact Bert from the duo Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.
I might not have that ubiquitous can of chickpeas but I do have a big jar of the little sweethearts at the back of my pantry just begging to be soaked for something as unctuous and full of promise as these amazing looking tasty little cakes. I wast just looking for something that was veggie burger-like to share with non-vegan family members and I think this would be a hit with omnivores.
Mine are soft for sure but with a nice texture, you can cut them with the side of a fork but they are firm enough you can then pick a piece up with the fork, if you can't do that then maybe they were over processed.
If the chickpeas you are using are the large really soft ones (where some are even split in half and the skins are coming off) then it might be worth adding a little more breadcrumbs and processing for less time - maybe even just pulse a few times.

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