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If you are one of those people who likes to be moving at all times, you will be able to slow down as soon as you take this silicone based putty into your hands.
Do you have a way of calming yourself down, a way in which you choose to relax and spend some time thinking? This putty has the consistency of chewing gum, and it is loads of fun to squish, stretch, and break. This putty glows in the dark, and it is the perfect thing to bring along to that boring movie that your friends drag you into.

You will find yourself amazed at this putty, and you will find yourself using it for more than just thinking time. Through the help of this putty, you will stay entertained no matter what you are faced with, and you will have a way to enjoy yourself no matter how boring life gets for you.
You will play with this putty for hours on end, and all of your friends are going to be interested in playing with it, too. We want to have something fun to do while we sit and think, we want to have something to do with our hands.

Whether you are in need of something to keep yourself busy while you think or you just want something random to squeeze, this Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty will fit perfectly in your hands.

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