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Netflix's Orange Is the New Black has quickly grown a huge cult following in which quotes, wardrobe, artwork and props from the show are all thrown into fans' everyday lives. As Bill King pointed out in his recap of the third round of auditions for season 11, America's Got Talent used to be a very singer-friendly show.
FOX has set its premiere dates for Fall 2016 and unlike other networks, it's sticking to a very strict premiere week. We're four episodes into Wayward Pines' second season and I still can't figure out how Rebecca Yedlin rolls. Big Brother 18 is giving us the first details about the house and what potential twists are coming.

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, who met, fell in love and got married on Bachelor in Paradise, are no longer together.
Wayward Pines' "Exit Strategy" isn't much of one, but that doesn't mean there isn't a fair amount of meat to keep this barbecue afloat. CBS has announced that this year the contestants will spend a record 99 days inside the house if they want to win the half million dollar grand prize. The theme this year is "Summer Vacation," but more importantly, CBS promises a new weekly competition that will take place during the Sunday night episodes. Supergirl, which is moving to the CW for season, has announced that former Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin has landed the role of Superman, aka Kara's cousin Clark Kent.

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