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NUS Scotland's Deputy President Graeme Kirkpatrick talks about their 'Think Positive' campaign. Our research has shown that even though students may experience a great deal of stress, there are barriers which sometimes prevent them from coming forward for support for their problems. That’s why Think Positive is working to help students think openly, honestly and positively about their mental health. We want to promote good mental health and wellbeing in student communities and tackle the negative attitudes that exist around mental ill health. We are working to help improve the supportive environment available to students at their college or university and break down the barriers that limit access to support.

Think Positive is all about creating student communities which are non-judgemental of those with mental illness, supportive of those who require a helping hand, and proactive in caring for their own mental health.
Get in touch and find out how you can complete the Scottish Mental Health First Aid training course for free on your campus. Download our research reports into student mental health and wellbeing: Silently Stressed and Breaking the Silence.
Cartesian Dualism Cartoons and ComicsCartesian Dualism cartoon 1 of 1Dislike this cartoon?'A-ha! The pressure to juggle paid work and family responsibilities with exams, deadlines and assessments means that being a student today can be very stressful.

We know that stigma or embarrassment holds students back from getting the help they need, but so too does simply not understanding your problems or not knowing where to seek help.

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