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That Which Stirs : Reflections on Life with an Artist, The first time I saw Mark Stewart’s work, I cried. He wrote that he was a painter (first mental image: man in overalls on scaffolding) and then directed me to the New York Graphic Society website to view several of his watercolor works in print. Avent's team is also familiar with BB&T Coastal Field, the site of the double-elimination regional. Hill announced on Monday that he will make his pro debut this week at the PGA Tour's Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village in Ohio. He competed in three PGA Tour events as an amateur last summer, making the cut at the AT&T Classic and finishing tied for 70th.
According to sources close to the situation, charges against NC State defensive tackle J.R. Sweezy had previously been charged with misdemeanor assault and battery and misdemeanor larceny following an incident that occurred in Mooresville, North Carolina in mid-March.
The "incident," if you'll recall, is where Sweezy was accused of beating up a shuttle bus driver and taking his tip jar.
Sweezy's still not out of hot water, as he was part of "The College Inn Four" cited for smoking pot earlier this spring.
Finally, be sure to subscribe to R&R by inputting your email address in the widget over in the far right column. After reaching the ACC title game last week, it looked like State was poised to make some serious noise in the NCAA tournament.
After disappointing starts from Jake Buchanan against College of Charleston and Anthony Tzamtzis, the Pack found themselves in deep holes early in both games. I was a young widow with three children needing relief from the relentless press of single working parenthood. Coach Elliott Avent's team had won nine of its final 11 regular-season games and posted wins over Clemson and Virginia Tech in the ACC Tournament, which was played at NewBridge Bank Park in Greensboro. In February, the Wolfpack won two of its three games at the Baseball at the Beach Classic, played in the same park, beating fifth-ranked California-Irvine 7-4 on Russell Wilson's three-run homer in the 10th inning and James Madison 6-2. It seems to me--as far away as the two players were from the plate--Ramsey would've been better served sidestepping to the right rather than the left, thereby giving him a pretty clear path to home plate. He won seven college tournaments besides the NCAA championship to earn the Haskins Award as outstanding college golfer.
It's kind of hidden over there, but it really is the easiest way to get the posts delivered to you instantaneously. The majority of Schaeffer's position was set up in fair territory and he would've been easily avoided. It doesn't look like he loaded up the forearm and swung it at impact, but it does look like he extends his arm after the contact.

And when I say instantaneously, I mean, as soon as I hit the "publish" button, I've got an email waiting for me in my inbox. It was the contact of Ramsey's elbow to Schaeffer's head that caused the concussion, but here I'll give Ramsey the benefit of the doubt and say he was protecting himself from the impact, albeit in an authoritative way. That was one of the true, epiphanous moments of my life, when about 900 levels of meaning are hitting you at once, stopping your heart and your breath and bathing your face in tears. Ramsey, however, seemed intent on initiating contact with Schaeffer, ball or no ball, regardless of his position relative to the plate.
A A THEREFORE, MAN IS MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF CONTAINING THE CONTENT OF GOD; THUS, WITHOUT RECEIVING GOD IN OUR SPIRIT, WE CANNOT EXPRESS GOD AS CONFIRMED IN 2 COR. A huge part of Mark’s intrigue was this fascinating new world that I would be privileged to enter and explore.
I fantasized about living in a house hung with gorgeous art and then getting to sleep with the artist!That was nearly five years ago and I have lived the fantasy. UNLIKE IN THE NATURAL BIOGRAPHY, THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION OR FEAR OF SIN AND DEATHBECAUSE, IN CHRIST, THERE IS LIFE,LIBERTY, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
The summer after our wedding he was working hard to put together a show for the MorrisWhiteside Gallery in Hilton Head, South Carolina. His studio was over our bedroom and sometimes, when he was working late, I would lie in bed and listen to the art being made up there. Very quiet, just an occasional scrape of his chair and the muted strains of some jazz or instrumental CD he always has playing . The best I could hope for was to wait till he went downstairs to make coffee or run an errand. But that central core, the raison d’etre, is often overwhelmed with the blunt realities and necessities of an artist’s life.
It is the endless battle of the physical (blunt realities and necessities) versus the metaphysical (that which stirs), contending elements in all human conditions and endeavors, but borne out so complexly in the life of the artist. I have to continually remind myself that even these blunt realities wouldn’t be reality if Mark’s work wasn’t stirring. MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT IS A LOVE STORY THAT REVEALS THE HEART OF GODA THROUGH THE PERSON OF HIS SON, JESUS. He has drawers of flat files full of his earliest work, many sheets of Arches watercolor paper painted on both sides. Early in our marriage, I spent hours in the studio, studying the patient progress of his art. THEREFORE, A PERSON MUST HAVE FIRST PLACED THEIR FAITH IN CHRIST FOR SALVATION BEFOREA TAKINGA COMMUNION (MATT. His library is full of books on Hopper, John Singer Sargent and Andrew Wyeth.I love the breadth of Mark’s work.

Interiors, exteriors, trees, dogs, rivers, sky, a quiet child, a working man, blue crabs, teapots, ducks, magnolias, a tiny ship at the window. To know his heart, his world and his take on things, you must view the scope and sequence of his body of work.
I’m probably more familiar with that parade of art than any other living person and the one true thing I can say is that Mark’s work is utterly congruent with Mark the man. Consequently, there are no black, silver and hot pink postmodern Mark Stewarts featuring stylized chaos and confusion. So you will not find a boating party among Mark’s work, no cafe scenes of laughing, toothy women, no boys playing cricket, no madonnas on the beach.
I was amazed to finally conclude that he would probably never run out of subjects just around our home and garden. Although practical, the regularity with which these all-too-familiar scenes appeared in his paintings seemed . Slowly, I realized that he wasn’t so different from a patient researcher, waiting for the thing within the thing to reveal itself, finding the truth, taking time.
And what is painting, if not an attempt to tame time?Francis Schaeffer also said that the best art tells the truth by tipping its hat to paradox, acknowledging and respecting truth’s need to embrace opposites. Mark’s eye is drawn to the beautiful and the simple, but there is a residue of regret and loss in his work, an element of the solitary infusing every image.
All his human subjects are alone in their paintings, their faces often obscured or turned aside, the mystery of their thoughts or their pain unsolved. The crazy quilt on the bed throbs with the chaos of patternless color and movement, like life. Somewhere where she doesn’t need her lamp or her boots.And finally, Mark’s work stirs me because it is not one-dimensional realism. Modernism and its reverence for abstraction was drilled into him during his architectural training in the ‘70s. Although his work is instantly and accurately categorized as realist, the careful observer begins to see a kind of clever impressionism creeping through a selection of Mark’s paintings. At first glance a shady area under a tree or a path in the sunlight looks incredibly realistic -- but upon careful inspection, you see it’s smoke and mirrors, suggestion, shadow, negative space, chamelon shading.
A tacit acknowledgement, a little inside joke, that this may ALL be smoke and mirrors, but isn’t it just a ton of fun anyway?And there is the operative word: fun.

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