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But I think the main thing I didn’t expect to still be happening when I was 30 was the feeling of getting left out, or not included. About a month ago I went through an experience that made me take this approach towards some long time friends. A Toronto based writer with an insatiable appetite for all things fashion, entertainment, culture and literature.
Part 6 of my How to Be Awesome series I talk about how being awesome means you: Invest In People Who Invest In You! But what about when a friend stops investing in me because I unintentionally left her out??
It does feel so silly when you’re nearly thirty and have the feelings for a high school girl.

That stuck with me, I sort of felt like that may have been the impression I was given (which is far from truth), it was truly about not investing on people who would not invest back on me.
I told myself I was awesome in my gym class& slightly overdid it, but hey, no serious harm done! When I made the decision, I felt empowered and this post further validated I made the right decision for ME!!! Like you, I’m floored that this kind of drama and hurt feelings happens well into adulthood. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume that the best, but no matter how you slice it some people are just bullies. Thank you for this post, we are often so concern about hurting other people’s feeling that ignore ours and this post I felt it reminds people to invest in themselves by investing in people who will invest back on them!

The care and thought you have put into this series makes this a powerful tool for all of us who strive to be awesome in our own lives. It’s so easy to compare our weaknesses with other peoples strength and forget what makes us special. My life is beautiful just the way it is…and I have talents that are unique and only I can offer.

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