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We all know that words have the power to change our thoughts, perspectives and actions as we go about our day. How have inspirational quotes helped you to stay more positive and keep negatively away?  Please share in the comments below or on our Facebook page.
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You experience and create all kinds of different energies that affect how you feel and what you accomplish throughout your day. The things you say, the things you think, the things you do—even the things you don’t do—all produce energy that impacts you and the people around you. Take a break from reading this, close your eyes for the entire song, and see what you feel. While music is the easiest way to understand this concept, it is definitely not the only way to become energized.
Maybe I’ll follow a few raindrops down the window or watch the ripples form in a puddle below me. Make a list of all the things that make you feel good and use it as a guide as you learn to become energized from a wider variety of things. If being in nature is something that energizes you, try spending a little more time outdoors. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times people have told me stories about Alex making their day, or making them smile or simply making them feel good. To make room for the positive energy available in this moment, you’ll need to release negative energy you’re holding onto from the past—be it distant or recent.
This can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t need to be if you focus solely on this moment and ask yourself: What about what I see in front of me makes me feel good?
A lot of people think of energy as a spiritual term, like the divine energy of Christ, Buddha, or Krishna.

If you learn to fully appreciate this moment, you will see you have profound power to manifest positive feelings within—to create divinely inspired energy, if you will, that impacts everything and everyone around you. If you pour enough warm water into a glass that’s full of cold water, the cold water will eventually get displaced.
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As the saying goes, “Perception is more important than reality” and inspirational quotes offer us help in forming healthy perceptions and attitudes. Print the quote or inspirational post up and put on prominent places like your desk,mirror or refrigerator. Some energies are powerful and easily recognizable, while others are more subtle and often only intuitively felt.
If you work on creating more positive energy, you’ll see improvements in your life and you’ll touch more lives than you thought possible. Music is one of the most powerful and recognizable forms of energy, which is perhaps why it is grounded in so many sacred traditions.
If the sun energizes you, there is a good chance that flowers, trees, and animals will do the same. When you constantly take in the positive energy from your surroundings, it will be visible in the outer world. After many late night conversations with Alex, the best piece of advice I can share in terms of this is to be fully in the here and now.
Thanks for writing this, you did it most awesome… and for the reader below who wonders about negative energy… it really is amazing how quickly that goes away if one does what you just wrote!
I like to wake up in the morning and write 10 things I am grateful for while repeating thank you after each on (for those of you who have read The Magic!) and also to allow myself to be free whether it be in my art, writing, or dancing.
Even though I listen to heavy metal, I noticed some bands give me dark vibes, while others don’t even though they sound similar. Although all these things certainly help and attribute to better attitude and all, I am searching for something more original something less if that makes sense.

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I find being present is the most important thing if you want to feel energy in a positive way. How can I ask for forgiveness & explain my misunderstanding if they wont even talk to me?
I like to blast the music and sing incredibly loud, without caring what other people may be thinking and without self-judgement.
For example, when i listened to godsmack in high school, I would usually get very depressed and angry for no reason.
Unless we all can be in beauty in every moment away from Internet and cities and such, I do not see things changing nor a better way of feeling day to day.
The chair you’re sitting on, the music you’re listening to, or the book you just finished reading, all provoke some sort of reaction within you. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, dig into your iTunes right now and put on a song you love.
If it’s raining, I try to be fully aware of the beauty before me so it becomes a positive influence, as well.
However, when i started to listen to killswitch engage, I didn’t get the same feeling, in fact I felt more relaxed and content.
Of course it is a given that we should be grateful, but sometimes that is not the answer we are seeking. Godsmack sings alot about black magic and occult themes, while killswitch engage sings about losing love, but hoping to regain it back.

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