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For Filipinos who grew up miles away from their home country, does Independence Day mean anything? Some schools even have students prepare dance numbers or stage plays to commemorate the day the Philippines finally declared its independence from Spain in 1898. Growing up in the Philippines, it’s hard to miss this special day and not know what it is about and who to thank for it. But for Filipinos who grew up miles away from their home country, does the Philippine Independence Day mean anything? Jerica Jasmine Reolo, 15, answered when I asked her about how they commemorate Philippine Independence Day in Singapore, where she lives. There's a stark contrast between this and how Singaporeans celebrate their independence, which she says is a 'grand celebration' every year. Jerica has been in Singapore since she was 8, living with her parents who had been working there for a long time.
But when I asked her if she ever wants to go back and live in the Philippines, she answered, "I already have my plans, and it kind of leads to my dream to live in Japan.
Isiah Galve, who will be turning 18 soon, said when I asked him what he knows about the Philippine Independence Day. He just finished high school in Wauconda, Illinois, and is preparing to go to college soon. Isiah says, however, that there aren’t many opportunities for him to learn about Philippine history, living in Wauconda where there aren’t many Filipinos.
Isiah and Jerica’s stories are the complete opposite of John Michael Yadao’s, a 15-year-old student born and raised in Athens, Greece. The Philippine School in Greece is the same as other schools in the Philippines – they have the same curriculum but they also teach students Greek language and culture. When I asked him if he still knows about the Philippine Independence Day, he said, “Of course. Data from the Commission for Filipinos Overseas show that 20.87% of Filipino emigrants from 1981 to 2014 are 14 years old and below, the biggest portion among all age groups. Children of emigrants have to go through a strenuous process before they are allowed to migrate. Now that the war in Iraq is over, America is finding out how unwieldy is the task of rebuilding a nation torn asunder by war and decades-long rule of a terrifying despot. As our experience in the Philippines near the dawn of the 20th century reminds us, nation building can be a tricky mess filled with miscommunications, misunderstandings, miscalculations and out-and-out mistakes. In today’s glare of round-the-clock media coverage, every step will undergo intense scrutiny and debate. The war on terrorism has brought us full circle with one of our most loyal allies. This week, President Bush feted Philippines President Gloria Arroyo with a state dinner and promised more military aid in her fight against the Abu Sayyaf terrorists, Muslim separatists and communist insurgents. President Bush’s desire to establish a democratic government in Iraq could take years. Much like the present, the economy was in the doldrums and there was a lot of domestic pressure from business and media for the United States to continue its Manifest Destiny overseas.
Spain was just barely holding on to its far-flung holdings, clinging to them with the assistance of the Catholic Church. In shades of the Gulf of Tonkin incident that got us embroiled in Vietnam and even the attack on Pearl Harbor that threw us into World War II, the cause of the Maine’s explosion killing 260 sailors is still questioned by conspiracy buffs. While most of America’s attention focused on the fighting that ensued in Cuba, what with Teddy Roosevelt and his Roughriders charging up San Juan Hill and all, another front over 13,000 miles away in Manila Bay was playing itself out with unforeseen consequences for the United States.
Before Commodore George Dewey and his gunboat diplomacy arrived in the Philippines, Spain had been fighting off the independence-minded Filipinos from Day 1 when Ferdinand Magellan was killed by Muslim chieftain Lapulapu in 1520. In 1896, spurred by the firing squad execution of national hero Jose Rizal, a revolt was led by Emilio Aguinaldo that was quashed in 1897. By the time Dewey arrived, Spanish soldiers had been driven back to Manila – their last stronghold.
On June 12, 1898 with the Spaniards still encircled, Filipino nationalists declared their independence after 400 years of Spanish colonial rule. The treaty sparked bitter debate in the United States, which led to the establishment of the Anti-Imperialist League that included Andrew Carnegie, Grover Cleveland, Samuel Gompers and William Jennings Bryan.

Meanwhile, President William McKinley, sounding eerily like President Bush, told the American people of a dream he had that convinced him that it was God’s will for the United States to help Filipinos learn democracy and embrace Christianity, even though most Filipinos were already Catholic.
Now is the time to remember the Maine and the suspicious explosion that sparked the Spanish-American War.
Thus, America’s first empire was born amidst racism, betrayal and deceit and an encounter that could have been a result of a blundering patrol or it could have been a set-up with the inevitable tragic results.
By the summer, more time than the entire Spanish-American War, American troops had only conquered 30 miles north and south of Manila. When one of his officers asked for clarification, Smith specified that everyone 10 years of age or older should be killed. The hit-and-run guerrilla tactics learned by fighting the Americans served the Filipinos well when they resisted the Japanese occupation of the islands during World War II and is still being employed by the Philippines’ die-hard communist New Peoples Army, separatists Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Abu Sayyaf.
American history books used to attach a paragraph of the conflict between the United States and the Philippines to its chapter on the Spanish-American War, labeling it the Philippine Insurrection. In referring to the two colonial periods in their history, Filipino historians like to joke that the Philippines spent 400 years in a convent and 40 years in Hollywood. During the gestation period for the Philippine republic, English was used as the primary language in education and politics, Western values were reinforced with a cadre of American teachers who built on and strengthened the educational system first established by Spain and the Catholic church. In 1946, the United States granted the Philippines the independence Filipinos originally sought in 1898. When Marcos fell and Corazon Aquino was elected president, she was asked how she dealt with all the political infighting, protests and clamor that threatened her administration. Even then, the United States still had to amend that charter with the Bill of Rights, fight another war among ourselves, and we are still struggling to live up to that dream.
If the United States and its allies are to succeed in transforming Iraq into a strong republic, it requires America to recall its first awkward attempt at establishing an empire and the lessons learned along the way, among which are respect, humility and patience. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. She is currently studying in Northbrooks Secondary School, where she is known as a student leader and an athlete. Being a secondary school student, she spends most of her time in school - with Singaporeans.
Her courage to take initiatives, she said, is something she attributes to her Filipino upbringing.
They eat Filipino food, talk in Tagalog every now and then, and watch Filipino television programs. Currently, there are 6 Philippine schools in Athens, one of which is the Philippine School in Greece (PSG) where John has been studying.
The Philippine School in Greece is the same as other schools in the Philippines - they have the same curriculum but they also teach students Greek language and culture. In May, for example, they have a Santacruzan and then ‘Paskong Pinoy' (Filipino Christmas) every December.
Aside from completing various visa requirements, those 12 years old and below are required to attend a peer counseling session with the CFO to help facilitate their adjustment to a new environment. Over a century ago before there was a country called Iraq, the United States made its first attempt to mold a foreign country with a different set of values and cultural context into the American image. He wants Iraq to be a beachhead for democracy, which he hopes will spread to the rest of the Arab world. Some historians theorize, the ship was blown up deliberately to push America into a war with Spain, a country on the down slide of its power and influence. However, as Spain found out a year later, it could not kill the Filipinos’ desire for freedom. Much like the conclusion of the American revolutionary war when George Washington and the French fleet surrounded the British, the Spaniards were besieged by the Filipino nationalists on land and the allied American fleet on water. Twelve days later, the United States ferried Filipino leader Aguinaldo back to the Philippines from his exile in Hong Kong.
For $20 million the United States gained control of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Wake Island, Guam, and the Philippines.
A few days before a vote in the Senate, it looked like the Treaty of Paris would not be approved. The Filipino revolutionaries still surrounding Manila, found themselves battling the Americans.

It is estimated that as many as 50,000 Filipinos died from the ensuing campaign of extermination and devastation on Samar.
Ominously, among the last vestiges of resistance occurred on Jolo, the Abu Sayyaf stronghold and where Philippine troops and their American advisers will concentrate their forces.
It is naive to believe that American-style democracy could be easily plopped onto a foreign land with centuries-old customs, religions and age-old tribal rivalries. Yes it was a sad episode of stolen freedom, just when they won their Independence from Spain. I also wrote an article about the Philippine and American independence day celebrations where I mentioned the June 12 declaration of President Macapagal as our new independence day. Here you will find a full roundup of headlines about the Asian American community from both mainstream and ethnic media. They wanted me to grow up as a Filipino,” he explained when I asked him why he chose to study in a Filipino school. The experiment with the Philippines resulted in a bloody war that cost thousands of lives and the loss of America’s innocence. But if our experience in the Philippines is any indication, it will take more than shipping over a crateload of American government textbooks to create the cultural mindset and institutions that allow American-style democracy to flourish. It is important to remember this strategy of drawing us into war because it will be used again in just a few months.
Aguinaldo was encouraged by the Americans to lead the Filipino revolt with the assumption that the United States would support Philippine independence. McKinley gave orders to his generals in the Philippines to commence hostilities a few days before the vote was supposed to occur on Feb. By the time the war officially ended in 1902, 5,000 Americans and an estimated 20,000 Filipino soldiers had lost their lives. The Tausug people on Jolo have long memories and still tell of the slaughter of their forefathers at the hands of the Americans.
But as we witnessed in the rise and fall dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the 1970s and 1980s, the grinding poverty of many of its population and the ongoing insurgencies, it is a fragile one.
The betrayal was very sad, because our Ilustrados thought so highly of American Democratic ideals, and hoped for respect. People often think about the diseases and pathogens that infect the people, but not the agricultural products. There are also other performances from the community, and contests like their annual ‘battle of the bands’ are also held. At the time, hostilities had ceased and though there were signs, I had no way of knowing about the rise of ISIS and that the U.S. The explosion that ripped open the USS Maine anchored in Havana’s harbor, gave America the perfect excuse to declare war. Egged on by a vociferous press led by Hearst and Pulitzer newspapers, on April 25, 1898, the United States declared war on Spain. They proudly claim that the Colt .45 was invented to stop the Tausugs, who were ferocious fighters. Coupled with drought, American colonization and mismanagement the recipe was ripe for the suffering that would arise.
Superior American firepower forced the Filipinos to retreat from the major cities but the fighting was more fierce than expected.
In roughly 3 years the American military killed more Filipinos than in approximately 300 years of Spanish Colonial rule.
There was likely nothing more to remember than a faulty boiler — but America blamed a Spanish mine.
In response to one of the few Filipino battle victories where Filipinos disguised as women, used machetes to attack U.S.
That night, an American soldier with an itchy trigger finger was ordered to patrol in the no-man’s zone that acted as a buffer between the Filipinos and Americans.

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