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Once you follow the above five golden spiritual secrets of success, You will 100 succeed as I have. All challenges and tough times in your life bring something new to you that you’ll cherish! Oh yes…meditation helps a great deal, and more than anything else, to connect to our inner self and thus being one to one with the Universe. I agree there is a time for everything, and some things take time to come naturally to you, which you should allow, instead of forcing them. Thank you Yatin ?? I hope we all realize this wonderful source of strength and abundance that truly is ours!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. That is because all the energy of the universe is concentrated 100 percent in the present moment. Yes, you need to cooperate with the universe by working towards your goal (do the karma) and not fighting with others (compassion). I faced a crisis when i was supposed to earn bread for my family and I was devoting 100 percent of my time meditating. Once you get connected to your abundant source, you find that it’s quite easy to move through life.

We are all one, a part of this massive Universe and that is where our success lies, in believing it to be true. It takes time to reach that stage of bliss when you meditate, but once you do, you never feel like leaving meditation. The tension was so much that I gave up both the desire to awaken and also the need to nourish my family. If you co-operate, flow and trust you’ll find it very easy to find happiness, success and whatever you may want! Yes, there will be challenges and tough times but those are only to add flavor to your life.
The happiness I felt that the whole universe can work for you to make your all dreams come true, only by your thoughts is ultimate. Whether you want to have personal success or you want professional success, you should utilize the power of the Universe to fulfill your dreams. As soon as you’re in tune with this universal essence, you relax and allow things to happen on their own. But one thing you easily miss is how your needs are being met continuously, only if you trust this universal nature.
At eighteen, he joined Plato's Academy in Athens and remained there until the age of thirty-seven.

His writings cover many subjects – including physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics, logic, ethics, aesthetics, poetry, theater, music, rhetoric, linguistics, politics and government – and constitute the first comprehensive system of Western philosophy. Shortly after Plato died, Aristotle left Athens and, at the request of Philip of Macedon, tutored Alexander the Great between 356 and 323 BCE. The fact that Aristotle was a pupil of Plato contributed to his former views of Platonism, but, following Plato's death, Aristotle immersed himself in empirical studies and shifted from Platonism to empiricism.
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