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This week, DC’s villain team-up comic Secret Six ends its current series with issue #36. The superb character work on Secret Six is a big part of what made the book so special, creating a degree of dramatic tension I’m unaccustomed to seeing in a capes-and-tights book.
Secret Six appeared again the next year in another six-issue miniseries, featuring my favorite portrayal of the Mad Hatter ever, and in 2008, DC Comics launched the current Secret Six ongoing series, which added the infamous Bat-villain Bane to the team as he tried to beat his addiction to the Venom serum that gave him super strength and become a more honorable warrior. Those trades also collect some crossover appearances of the team, including the Suicide Squad tie-in to Blackest Night and a two-parter split with Action Comics. Long-Ago Times and Far-Away Galaxies: Celebrating The Visual Inspiration of Ralph McQuarrie!
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This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. This page contains a list of all comics in the series including items such as trade paperback books, magazines, and other items of interest. Hank Pym and Eric O'Grady enter the mindscape dimension, using an armor formed from their subconscious thoughts. Misty Knight is shown to be assembling heroes throughout the issue, but the final pages reveal that she is being controlled by none other than the Puppet Master. The best part of this whole issue was the three page epilogue, with Giganta avenging Ryan Choi (The Atom). Shadowland was just a big meh; however, DD 512 was a nice epilogue and we found out that Black Tarantula is still alive, which is awesome.

While they are all, at their worst, selfish villains, fighting side by side has brought each of to the point where they’d risk their lives to save the others, under the conditions. It also introduced Jeanette, an immortal banshee whose on-again-off-again relationship with Deadshot added a healthy additional dose of debauched comedy to the book. But they can be difficult to track down, especially the out of print Six Degrees of Devastation mini.
If you have found a comic or item that is not seen on this page, please add it to this list. You can improve this article by adding as much relevant historical information as possible. The big winner this time around is Secret Six, where I had to restrain myself from just posting the whole comic. Gail Simone was his co-creator, and she was pretty upset when they killed him, so this is her way of addressing it. Iron Fist uses his healing power to help Daredevil fight back against the infection that is corrupting his soul. I think most readers will take the same route as Master Izo and just drink this storyline away.
Marvel thing, but that was so long ago (and it was a random explosion where we didn't see his body) so I assumed it was addressed somewhere else. Deadshot's girlfriend pulled a gun and Deadshot turned the tables on Lady Vic and was about to kill her when the girlfriend pleaded he not do it in front of his daughter.
And at the same time they’re all no more than five seconds from betraying the rest of the team, given the right threats or motivations. Not all of them always rise to the moment, though, and that’s what I love about Secret Six.

More recently the series has seen appearances by troubled yet all-powerful teenager Black Alice and the gleefully violent, consistently entertaining King Shark.
Fortunately, Comixology has the same issues all available for download under the headings of Villains United, Secret Six Vol. But for now, I’ll celebrate the conclusion of a book that has had a remarkable run, and consistently been the DC Universe book I looked forward to reading every single month. Articles should be written from an "in-universe" perspective as if they were written by a historian living in the DC Universe. We also have some big moments from the Shadowland finale, Action Comics Annual, and the big twist at the end of Heroes for Hire. Also, I'm pretty sure that's Finesse from the Avengers Academy in that second panel, isn't it?
Well, that and Simone’s incredible sense of humor, which makes most issues a joy to read for the laughs alone. Unlike so many superhero comics, its characters are allowed to disappoint us, which in turn makes the moments when they surprise us by doing the right thing all the more special.
Either of the minis or the first volume of the ongoing are good starting points for the series.
He has zero charisma, but his power is fun, like a fusion between Madison and lionel Jeffries' abilities.

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