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Ben Stiller’s forthcoming remake of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” has inspired a handsome new DVD from Warner Home Video of the “Mitty” from 1947 starring Danny Kaye. Danny Kaye is a passive, daydreaming proofreader who whiles away his time imagining himself a swashbuckling sea captain, heroic surgeon or a riverboat gambler with ice in his veins. Fantasy unexpectedly bleeds into reality when the gorgeous blonde cast in all his reveries (Virginia Mayo) appears on his morning commuter train, fleeing a passel of mystery men.
James Thurber's classic comedy about a mild mannered mouse of a man who dreams of situations in which he figures as a great hero.

Walter creatively reuses the mundane implements of his dull life: the sock stretchers and floor wax his mother requests from the store serve as impromptu surgical implements for one heroic interlude. So steely in all his daydreams, Walter responds to danger in real life with a joggling knee, trembling teacup and a wavering voice.
His constant daydreaming comes to an abrupt halt when he becomes the real life target of a gang of jewel thieves. Danny Kaye is James Thurber’s Walter Mitty, the man whose daydreams propel him into fantastic adventures in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

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