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It's easy to "think" and if that's all it takes to get a new car, we're in The movie The Secret has spread the Law of Attraction to the masses in a way no "New Age" idea has ever been spread before. Purported to be a physical law "like gravity," the Law of Attraction purveyors say that your thoughts cause "vibrations" that entrain with "like things," in the universe and bring them to you and it works every time. Kevin Hogan and Dave Lakhani combine forces with television producer Blair Warren and Minister and Psychotherapist, Bob Beverly to expose what may be the biggest mass manipulation of the public in recent history. Based on pseudo-science and hype, the Law of Attraction says that you are responsible for everything in your life.

Those statements were all made by the producers and teachers of "The Law of Attraction" "The Law" also says that wealth, homes, jewelry and the perfect relationship are right around the corner if you just "Ask, Believe, Receive." And their source of the truth? A 100 year old book written by a kind but broke man who died an early death and a psychic who channels a spirit being(s) "Abraham." No one would believe it if it were fiction.
And because of this, children will not get medical help, relationships will be destroyed, jobs will be left and masses of people will go bankrupt. Around the world people are spending millions to hear the message to learn to save themselves from their thoughts.

The Secret Behind The Secret Law of Attraction explains how and why people worldwide are sucked in by this seemingly benign message of quick money and easy fixes and how to avoid being a victim yourself.

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